AVL FuelTron™ M.O.V.E

Driving accuracy

Fuel consumption measuring system for the heavy-duty and non-road mobile machinery industry.

FuelTron M.O.V.E

An increase in technical complexity coupled with stricter environmental and legal requirements makes the development of modern vehicles a challenge. Manufacturers in the heavy-duty and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) industry are being forced to increasingly focus on topics such as CO2 reduction, fuel economy optimization and real-life fuel consumption.
With AVL FuelTron™ M.O.V.E we have developed the next generation of onboard fuel consumption measuring systems. 

Increasing technical complexity combined with more stringent environmental and legislative requirements make modern vehicle development a challenge for manufacturers. The focus of manufacturers in the heavy duty and NRMM industry is increasingly being placed on challenges such CO2 reduction, optimization of fuel economy, and real-life fuel consumption. OEMs are beginning to be limited in their testing efforts when developing powertrains and vehicles and are therefore dependent on measurement technology that can cover the maximum variety of applications. In addition, there is a growing importance in being able to test vehicles under real operating conditions and yet independently of environmental conditions, and also measure the smallest quantities of fuel with the minimum of integration effort.

FuelTron M.O.V.E

The Next Generation in Onboard Fuel Consumption Measuring Systems

AVL FuelTron™ M.O.V.E is the next generation of fuel consumption measuring systems that sets new standards enabling onboard fuel consumption measurement to be used in a variety of use cases, such as chassis dynamometer applications, on/off road testing and climate chamber applications.
The optimized and unique hydraulic layout in combination with the AVL PLUtron™ flow meter allows bi-directional flow measurements to be conducted without influencing vehicle operation. This technology unlocks a range of features and functionality such as the possibility of testing under harsh environmental conditions and measuring even the smallest amount of fuel consumption with minimal integration effort. 

  • Measurement uncertainty of ≤ 0.1 % of reading at 100 Hz data rate and unique sensor resolution (with PLUtron ADVANCED inside)
  • Optimized hydraulic layout — bi-directional measurement and UUT protection capabilities
  • Direct mass flow output
  • Unique robustness and stability even under rough environmental conditions thanks to rugged design and long-term stable calibration
  • Minimized footprint and plug-and-play usability 
Technical Data Unit

Measurement range

–10 … 100 l/h
–30 … 300 l/h

Measurement uncertainty 

≤ 0.1 % of reading
≤ 1 g/dm³
Data rate Up to 10 Hz
Media Diesel fuels acc. to DIN EN590 and equivalent testing fluids
(ambient and media)
–40 °C … +85°C

Operating pressure
Supply Pressure to FuelTron M.O.V.E
Feed and Return Pressure open / closed layout

Up to 3,000 m
0.02 … 2 bar

0.02 … 2 bar / – 0.1 bar … 1.2 bar

*AVL PLUtron™ density meter available as an option  



AVL FuelTron M.O.V.E offers unimagined possibilities in your daily operation

Outstanding Measurement Capabilities

Measurement uncertainty of ≤ 0.1 % of reading at 100 Hz data rate and unique sensor resolution (with PLUtron ADVANCED). 

One System - All Information

Direct mass flow output. Incorporated sensors for density, temperature, and pressure measurement

Proven Operating and Functional Safety

Unique and optimized hydraulic layout enables bi-directional measurement, UUT protection capabilities without influencing vehicle operation (dp=0). 

The Ease of Use

Minimized footprint, state-of-the-art interfaces, guided routines, and plug & play usability reduce configuration and commissioning effort. 


Unique robustness and stability even under rough environmental conditions thanks to rugged design and long-term stable calibration. 

Industry Requirements Always in Mind

Co-developed with major German OEM for current and future requirements.

One Device for all Test Conditions

Flexibility in daily operation is guaranteed by the extended measuring span and range including reverse flow measurement. The enhanced media and ambient temperature specifications enable the use for summer and winter testing as well as climatic chamber applications.

Density Measurement Incorporated

The optional integrated density sensor allows the direct output of the fuel density, gravimetric fuel consumption and allows quality control of the fuel. 

Smart Self-Diagnosis and Proven Operating Concept

Remote-controlled unit-under-test protection and user guidance by fully automated procedures and routines (operating states, quick error detection, plausibility checks, etc.) support fast setup, minimum integration effort and easy handling of the measurement system.

Independency of Engine Circulation Flow Rate

The unique and patented hydraulic layout of the AVL FuelTron™ M.O.V.E features engine-independent circulation flow rate which results in highest flexibility in the application and daily operation.

Customer Success Story AVL FuelTron M.O.V.E MAN

Fuel flow meter for close-to-engine applications and the testing of components, engine, and vehicles.

Customer Services
Customer Services for Testing Solutions

The AVL Customer Services organization consists of more than 700 service- and application engineers worldwide, operating from more than 50 locations. Our global footprint is your local benefit.

Setting New Standards for Onboard Fuel Consumption Measurement

WEBINAR - Increasing technical complexity combined with more stringent environmental and legislative requirements makes modern vehicle and powertrain development challenging for vehicle manufacturers.

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