AVL Fuel Cell Production Testing

Driving fuel cell production. Innovatively. Customized.

AVL as preferred partner for fuel cell engineering, simulation and testing is providing production test solutions for fuel cell stacks and complete fuel cell systems. 

AVL Fuel Cell production testing

Fuel cell products are reaching the next level of industrialization. Ensuring high production quality and traceability of measurement data is mandatory. AVL is providing production test solutions for many decades and has extended  its portfolio to fuel cell.

The solution portfolio covers in-process verification (IPV), end-of-line (EOL) cold & hot, quality audit (QA) and conformity-of-production (CoP) testing.

This expertise and our comprehensive know-how in the field of fuel cell product development make AVL the right partner to support you in the successful commercialization of fuel cell products.

The area of fuel cell production is a new application field for many OEMs and their suppliers. To manage a complex and evolving technology with increased time to market pressure requires innovative solutions and an independent partner to accelerate.    
AVL provides you  360° of competence through the entire value chain of fuel cell commercialization. The success factors for our production test solutions are our comprehensive deep understanding of fuel cells combined with the decades of experience in plant & production engineering. Our production test solutions are tailored to your specific production scenario and addressing the special requirements of the fuel cell while maintaining expected availability and safety. 

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Fuel cell product development

Extensive know-how and established engineering partner in fuel cell development  

Fuel cell test solutions

Existing comprehensive fuel cell development H/W and S/W tool chain from cell to vehicle

Plant & production engineering

Deep expertise in the field of plant & production engineering

Production test solutions

Decades of experience in the field of production test solutions


AVL's fuel cell production test solutions cover a wide range of applications, through the modular solution approach we support you with your individual needs in the following areas.

Cold tests to confirm operational safety and achieve H2 release, such as: Leakage tests, stack short circuit tests, potential equalization tests, high-voltage isolation tests, dielectrical strength tests, integration of fuel cell control unit and resulting tasks and opportunities.

Hot tests to activate the PEM fuel cell and confirm its begin of life performance as well as aspects of further quality assurance, conformity of production and performance testing.

Property Unit

Power level

Up to 400 kW
Unit-under-test (UUT) PEMFC stack and system, bipolar-plate, cell, balance-of-plant-components or SOFC testing solutions 
Application On-road and off-road mobility, aviation, shipping and industrial 
UUT handling and integration From manual to fully automated


Fuelcell Stack

The fusion of decades of experience with the innovation spirit allows us to provide customized solutions to drive the fuel cell production to next levels. 

Established development partner in the field of fuel cell 

With more than 600 engineers in the field of fuel cell technology, AVL offers profound knowledge in the development of fuel cells.

Holistic product portfolio

Based on various S/W and H/W solutions, AVL has a broad product portfolio to support a holistic development approach, from fuel cell, to the fuel cell system, to the final application.

Decades of experience in the field of production

Based on the development of production test solutions for a wide range of applications since 1980 and profound expertise in the field of plant and production planning, AVL supports the commercialization of fuel cell technologies.

Customized design

We offer you full flexibility in the realization of a customer-specific test solution layout in the production environment by means of our modular and flexible product approach.

Industrialized standard products

We guarantee you full planning security due to industrialized standard products and sustainable spare parts availability combined with a strong, established and global network in the area of customer service.

Automation system

We secure test bench and data management via our real-time automation system "Puma 2 Production for Fuel Cell", the global industry standard for test bench automation with 45 years of history, local and remote, for individual test benches and complete test fields.

Data analysis & reporting

We support in data analysis and reporting through configurable and automated evaluation routines directly at the point of test, and other quality monitoring tools such as machine learning.

Michael Standke

"I am surprised every day by the broad and deep expertise AVL has in a wide variety of areas, from simulation and software to virtual and augmented reality to the realization of complete turnkey solutions. It allows me to collaborate with a variety of areas and teams to further optimize our production test solutions for fuel cells."

– Michael Standke, Application Engineer Fuel Cell Testing, AVL

AVL Production Testing Solutions – Brochure

Quality in Time.

Fuelcell Production Testing solutionsheet

Overview of AVL Production Test Solutions

AVL PUMA 2™ Production Solution Sheet
AVL H2 & Fuelcell brochure

AVL H2 & Fuelcell technology overview brochure

AVL PUMA 2™ Production

AVL PUMA 2™ Production is our robust automation system designed for production testing of a range of e-mobility applications. 

Product Testing
Production Testing for Hybrid/ICE

To meet the special requirements in production testing, we offer a specialized portfolio. 

Data Acquisition - AVL FEM 4

New powertrain technologies require a higher data throughput rate in real time. AVL FEM 4™ enables you to measure all raw data relevant for the characterization of the unit-under-test.

Fuelcell Testbed
AVL Fuel Cell System Testbed

AVL designed the integrated Fuel Cell System Testbed to provide highly efficient and accurate testing while minimizing integration efforts. Reusing our reliable and proven modules and transferring our R&D expertise and maturity into a compact solution was crucial. 

SOFC Testbed
SOFC System Test Bed

The SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) system test bed (TB) is capable of testing units from 5 kWe (net power) up to 400 kWe (net power) under different operating scenarios.

AVL Balance-of-Plant testing
AVL Balance-of-Plant Testing

AVL balance-of-plant (BoP) testing solutions are modular and tailored test beds to emulate the real load of a fuel cell system.


Battery tester and emulator for research and development, testing and validation.

AVL HyTron

A gas conditioning and consumption solution for hydrogen and other gaseous fuels. Learn more about this dedicated product to safely supply and condition gases for the testbed usage.

X-ion e-power
AVL X-ion e-Power

The AVL X-ion™ e-Power power analyzer is a modular data acquisition platform that is optimized for electric and hybrid applications.

Fuelcell System
AVL Fuel Cell Production Testing – Driving Fuel Cell production. Innovatively. Customized.

The change in the automotive industry towards electrified drives has led to a rapidly increasing demand for new hardware and software solutions in the development environment.

Maritime Mobility Special

This exclusive webinar gets to grips with all things maritime mobility. 

H2 Safety Services
Safety in Testbeds for FC Systems and H2ICE

New Technologies demand not just new testing methods and testing devices but also customized safety measures. 

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