Actuators for Engine, Powertrain and Vehicle Testbeds

Powerful Actuators That Fulfill Customer Demands

AVL offers a range of units and systems for different types of performance categories for using engine, transmission, and powertrain testbeds.


Actuators are an essential part of electronic control systems in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Their job is to convert the electrical signals from the control unit into an action. Together with the AVL automation system, complex, fully automated test runs and simulations are also possible.

Fully automatic testing of powertrains, drivetrains, transmissions, engines and vehicles requires throttle actuators, brake actuators, clutch actuators, and gear-shift robots to control the throttle and clutch position, to actuate the brake and to shift the gears.


AVL Offers Two Different Types of Actuators

Throttle Actuator THA 120
The THA 120 operates the throttle and injection pump in internal combustion engines. Perfect for the execution of legal driving cycles as per ECE, FTP, EPA, and Japanese guidelines.

Digital Clutch Actuator DCA 1000
The DCA 1000 is an inexpensive solution for operating a clutch for endurance testing of manual transmissions, as well as for real idle tests on the testbed.

Our actuators fulfill our customers’ requirements, as proven by the delivery of more than 1,000 units worldwide.

THA 120

Automatic adjustment of zero and end position

THA 120

Maintenance-free construction

THA 120

Limitation of actuation force

DCA 1000

Suitable for operation of pedal, Bowden cable, and hydraulic master cylinder

DCA 1000

Open loop control with adjustable speed, different for opening and closing

DCA 1000

Adjustable actuation range

Throttle Actuator THA 120

The THA 120’s actuator includes a brushless servomotor and a toothed rack actuating system with an attached FLEXBALL® cable. The THA 120’s power and control electronics are located in a wall cabinet. The device is operated by digital and analog signals.

Digital Clutch Actuator DCA 1000

The actuator is powered by compressed air and controlled by digital signals from the AVL control system (EMCON/ISAC). Additionally, it’s suitable for cable-operated and hydraulic-operated clutches, as well as for real clutch pedals (mechanical adaptation work required).

Rupert Fellegger

At AVL, we offer many types of actuators required for automotive testing in test cells and in vehicles, either developed in-house or sourced from premium suppliers. Thousands of installed devices at satisfied customers prove our high quality.

– Rupert Fellegger, Senior Product Manager Actuators and Robots, AVL List

TC Stuttgart
Hybrid and Engine Testing

AVL’s hybrid and engine test systems are highly flexible development environments for testing internal combustion engines and their hybrid components.

"H2" in a blue bubble in front of a heavy duty emissions testbed
Alternative Fuel Engine Testing

No matter which alternative fuel will be used to operate internal combustion engines on testbeds, we have the right testing solution. 

AVL Transmission TS™

We offer transmission test systems for various test applications. 

AVL Powertrain TS™

AVL Powertrain TS™ is designed to help you manage the complex validation of ICE-driven vehicles and electric vehicles (EVs) – hybrid EVs, plug-in hybrid EVs, battery EVs, and fuel cell EVs – throughout the development process.

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