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Enhance quality and efficiency in engineering, service, and maintenance with Augmented Reality Services.
augmented reality

Our main goal is to bring real added value to your test field or testbed by utilizing the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology. AR extends the real world by displaying computer-generated information, increasing the interpretability of abstract data. We provide custom-tailored services supported by see-through glasses or handheld devices like tablets or smartphones, allowing users to stay aware of their surroundings. With augmented reality, documentation, service and maintenance tasks become easier and more accessible, as all relevant information is displayed at the desired location. It also enables remote support by allowing experts to guide on-site personnel through video calls and annotations. Additionally, it simplifies spare parts identification and displays live data in real time.

The implementation of augmented reality addresses several challenges in a test field. This can be the accessibility to documentation, where the availability and storage of necessary documentation can be limited. Or complex service and maintenance tasks, where dedicated expert support may be needed for specific tasks. And high training costs, as bringing external experts for training can be costly. Last but not least accessibility issues can be addressed, as finding and accessing hidden parts within equipment can be difficult.

augmented reality
Accessibility to Documentation

Availability and storage of necessary documentation can be limited.

Complex Service and Maintenance Tasks

Dedicated expert support may be needed for specific tasks.

High Training Costs

Bringing external experts for training can be costly.

Accessibility Issues

Finding and accessing hidden parts within equipment can be difficult.

augmented reality

Augmented reality glasses and devices are utilized to solve challenges in various areas:

  • Access latest documentation directly at any desired location, hands-free.
  • Animated guides and holograms that visually represent service tasks on top of the real-world object help staff to complete tasks efficiently without expert assistance.
  • Experts can remotely assist technicians by visualizing the situation through video calls and overlaying annotations on their view, reducing miscommunication and unnecessary delays.
  • Animated guides and holograms guide service personnel to the correct locations within the testbed or equipment, making service tasks more accessible and efficient.
  • Augmented reality allows the visualization of CAD geometry over the real world, making the inner workings visible and overlaying pipe information such as liquids or gases and their flow direction.
Enhanced Efficiency

Processes are improved, errors reduced, productivity is increased.

Improved Accuracy

More precise and effective maintenance and troubleshooting.

Collaboration and Remote Support

Downtime is reduced, speedy problem resolution.


Instructions and manuals are traditionally only available on a 2D screen or in printed form, but this limits staff mobility and document availability.  We provide all available documentation at any desired location while keeping both hands free. The device is automatically recognized and the user has instant access to all related documents.

Service and Maintenance

Service staff can be supported by guiding them with augmented reality. Tasks can be abstracted and visually represented by displaying animated instructions over the real object. Hidden parts that need to be accessed during a service task can be represented using holograms that guide service personnel to the correct place where the task needs to be performed.

Remote Support

Augmented reality glasses have built-in cameras for video calls, allowing the expert to see the situation from the technician's perspective on site. In addition to visual feedback, the expert can also use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to extend the technician's view by drawing or using annotations over their view, making the annotation object appear in the real world.

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We harness the boundless power of AR to revolutionize the industry, paving the road to elevate design, optimize production processes, and operational sustainability, as we drive towards a smarter, greener, and more visionary automotive future.

– Stephan Nadim, Department Manager, AVL List GmbH

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