AVL IndiCom 2™

Acquisition Excellence

AVL IndiCom™ is a comprehensive software platform for data acquisition and signal processing. Tailored for mobility and energy sectors, IndiCom excels in multiple applications such as e-power, combustion, EIS, or NVH analysis.


The ever-growing complexity and variety of propulsion systems and energy systems intensify the need for accurate, high-speed data acquisition and processing. High-quality measurement data fosters and enables the validation and optimization of the Unit Under Test at both component level (e.g., e-motor, inverter and power electronics, battery, ICE) and system level (e.g., fuel cell system, electrolyzer, hybrid or electric propulsion system, complete vehicle).

Our data acquisition software offers intuitive device and measurement setups, standard and user-specific online calculations and visualizations, as well as fast, reliable interfaces for control and remote operation.

AVL IndiCom with its embedded application expertise supports users in the setup and analysis of complex measurement tasks, and thereby makes a significant contribution to high data quality and to the success of measurement campaigns.

Keyvisual NVH Mid Size
Set up the Measurement Task and the UUT

The built-in application know-how and clean device visualization ensure a correct and optimized measurement setup, thus providing great confidence in test success and achievement of test objectives.

Define and Visualize Multiple Calculations

A broad range of online algorithms and graphic objects from application-specific libraries help to control the data quality during the tests and to minimize post-processing effort.

Synchronize Data, Share Results

Reliable delivery of KPIs to remote systems helps to protect the UUT and increase testing efficiency. The availability of detailed history and synchronized data traces supports powerful offline evaluation and validation of the test.

With AVL IndiCom, you can standardize measurement tasks, manage and share calculations easily, and apply these calculations to different test and engine setups. This reduces preparation time and ensures compatibility and reliable results, which frees up test engineers to focus on their development tasks. Overall, its powerful and flexible data acquisition, extensive calculation capabilities, and professional graphical presentation make IndiCom the ideal solution for any application.

  • AVL IndiCom 2 is a software platform extendable with software toolboxes in accordance with your application needs: e-Power Toolbox, Combustion Measurement Toolbox, NVH Toolbox, or EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) Toolbox.
  • AVL IndiCom 2 is compatible with the following data acquisition instruments: AVL X-ion™, AVL IndiMicro™, AVL Smart EIS™, AVL FEM 4™, and AVL X-meter™.
  • The main interfaces are AVL PUMA Advanced Interface, CAN, CAN FD, XCP, and EtherCAT.
Indicom Phasemultimotor
Robust, Advanced Display Objects

User- and application-specific visualizations allow the intuitive display of and journey through complex measurement data.

Many Applications – One Data File

Combine multiple applications – e.g., e-power, combustion or NVH analysis, or electrochemical impedance spectroscopy – within a single measurement system.


Extensive online calculation capabilities with broad function libraries, powerful scripting language, and a visual programming interface.

Easy Integration and Interfacing

Easy and proven integration into many test environments by means of well documented generic and proprietary interfaces.

Best Accuracy

Maximum measurement accuracy and reliability with a perfectly matched measurement chain supported by plausibility check functions.

X-ion e-power
AVL X-ion e-Power

The AVL X-ion™ e-Power power analyzer is a modular data acquisition platform that is optimized for electric and hybrid applications.

X-ion NVH Visual

Our solution for acquiring and processing acoustic noise and vibration signals. Combined measurement tasks can be carried out quickly and efficiently with the new NVH acquisition module inside the AVL X-ion™ "Multi Physics" measurement system.

AVL x-meter
AVL X-meter

AVL X-meter helps you with in-vehicle energy balance measurement, range testing, precise re-charging energy measurement and pre-compliance tests.

Visiolution with AVL X-ion™
Visiolution AVL X-ion

Visualize the combustion process with our optical measurement equipment integrated into the AVL X-ion data acquisition platform.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy with AVL X-ion and AVL Smart EIS

The Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is an innovative stimulus response testing technology for checking the frequency-dependent internal resistance of electrochemical cells such as batteries or fuel cells.


With built-in and ready to use domain know-how, CONCERTO empowers data-driven engineers to become a strong development influencer.

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