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Testing solution for the measurement of brake wear emissions

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Brake wear is a major source of non-exhaust, traffic-related particulate matter (PM) and, due to its increasing contribution to overall PM emissions, is increasingly in the spotlight of regulatory bodies.

EU regulations will include particulate emissions due to brake wear in the certification of vehicles, necessitating the precise measurement of particle mass (PM) and particle number (PN) of brake wear. A draft Global Technical Regulation (GTR) is available.
The AVL Brake Wear Testing Solution is an all-in-one testing solution for the measurement of particle mass and number concentration of braking systems using a high-end brake dynamometer under variable, highly dynamic testing conditions.

In 2022, just 15 % of overall particle related emissions originated from the tailpipe were regulated. 85 % of the emissions were non-regulated and originated from sources such as brake wear, tire wear and road abrasion. To respond to this, a testing procedure for brake wear is currently being validated and will be implemented as a new global testing regulation at the start of 2023. 
Based on this, GTR particle mass and particle number (PM10, PM2.5 and CPC-based PN10 measurement) must be measured over a specified brake cycle on a brake dyno.

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AVL Brake Emission Solution

The AVL Brake Emission Solution is an all-in-one testing solution to measure the particle mass and number concentration of braking systems on a high-end brake dynamometer under variable, highly dynamic testing conditions. 

  • Highly dynamic AVL Dynamometers
  • Optimized sampling system for minimal particle loss 
  • APC technology in a device that measures particle number concentration, solid particle number (SPN), and total particle number (TPN)
  • Cost-efficient gravimetric filter modules for PM 2.5 and PM 10
  • Highest weighing accuracy using the optional AVL Filter Weighing Chamber 
Testing      Detail

Particulate Mass - PM

Gravimetric filter modules measuring
PM 2.5 and PM 10

Particle Number - PN APC technology measuring particle number concentration, solid particle
number (SPN), and total particle
number (TPN)
                                                               Optional AVL Filter Weighing Chamber
for highest weighing accuracy 



The AVL Brake Emission Solution bundles competences in measurement techniques and brake testing equipment into a comprehensive and integrated solution. 

Meet Future Test Needs

Meet future test needs with customized brake testing systems or via revamped existing test infrastructure such as engine testbeds.

Adapted To Given Boundaries 

AVL, as a test system provider, supports full modular installations that can be adapted to the given boundaries and requirements. 

Complete Portfolio 

AVL provides a complete system development portfolio – from brake simulation up to vehicle on-road testing and brake emission measurement. 

AVL Brake Emission Solution

The AVL Brake Emission Solution is a comprehensive solution to measure the particle mass and number concentration of braking systems on a high-end brake dynamometer under variable, highly dynamic testing conditions.

Test System for Brake Emissions Regulation Compliance

The test system for brake emissions regulation compliance combines particulate emission measurement techniques and testing equipment competencies to help stakeholders comply with new brake wear emissions regulations. 

Brake System Engineering

Beginning with the concept phase, AVL can provide a complete development chain for brake systems - from simulation, via test rig, up to road vehicles.

Wholistic Brake System Development

AVL provides a wholistic solution for brake development as a "one stop shop". It covers brake emission measurement, engineering, certification, brake attribute engineering and lastly brake system homologation in the vehicle.

Solution Sheet AVL Brake Emission Test System

Reliable and accurate brake particulate emissions measurement.

Tech Center Module – AVL Brake Emission TS™ – Solution Sheet

The fast Lane to ramp up brake emission testing.

iGEM 2 Test Automation Solution
AVL iGEM 2™ Test Automation

AVL iGEM 2™ is our cutting-edge test automation solution for your energy and emission testing needs. It delivers high-quality data for certification and R&D testing.

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Customer requirements show the need for additional test capacity for ambitious product development plans. AVL Tech Center Modules significantly shorten this process. The flexible, location-independent and easily relocatable modular test system is particularly helpful.

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