The versatile hydrogen mass spectrometer

The H2D is a high-end hydrogen mass spectrometer to support the development of fuel cells (FC) and H2 internal combustion engines (ICE). It measures H2 and optionally N2, O2, H2O and CO2.


The measurement of hydrogen emissions is essential for both fuel cell and ICE applications. The latest draft of the EPA 40 CFR part 1065 regulation, for example, addresses zero carbon fuels and demands the measurement of components like hydrogen (H2) and water (H2O) to calculate the chemical balance.

The transport and automotive industries are working on various zero-emission concepts to meet future decarbonization targets. Green hydrogen for fuel cells or as fuel for internal combustion engines is considered CO2 neutral and is consequently seen as one of the most promising energy carriers of the future. The AVL H2D hydrogen measurement system is the optimal tool to support the development of fuel cells and H2 combustion engines.


High Performing and Versatile H2 Emission Measurement

For fuel cell applications, the H2D can be equipped with two inlets, one of them is a high-pressure, low-consumption inlet allowing separate anode measurements.

The system has a sample rate of 10 Hz with fast response times (t90 ≤ 200 ms for main inlet), which is indispensable for fuel cell development.

Optionally, it can measure additional components such as N2, O2, H2O and CO2 (H2D +).

In the test cell, the H2D can be seamlessly connected to an AVL emission measurement system like an AMA SL, AMA i60 or SESAM i60 FT and is controlled by only one common interface to the automation system. Optionally, it can be used stand-alone.

Technical Data  


H2D + FC

Voltage supply

200 – 230 V ±10% / 50 Hz
100 – 120 V ±10 % /
60 Hz or 50 Hz

Weight 65 – 75 kg
Ambient temperature 20 - 35 °C
Ambient pressure 800 – 1,050 hPa
Ambient humidity 10 - 80 %, non-condensing


Accurate and Fast Analysis

5 - 10 Hz H2 measurement with response time (t90) within 200 ms

Broad Application Range

Specific fuel cell version and optional N2, O2, H2O and CO2 measurement for research and development

Flexible Use

Can be used stand-alone or connected to an AVL emission measurement system

With the H2D we complete our emission analyzing product portfolio for the measurement of zero carbon fuels powertrains. The different model types serve different applications for ICE and fuel cell (FC) development and research. 

H2D for ICE Testing

The H2D ICE models offer general hydrogen measurement for internal combustion engine with filter and chiller for water removal or a specific H2 ICE measurement without the chiller for a fast H2 measurement in combination with the AVL SESAM i60 FT.

H2D for Fuel Cell Testing

The H2D FC model offers hydrogen measurement for fuel cell applications with a fast sampling inlet for the vehicle tailpipe or the fuel cell cathode side and a separate high pressure and low consumption inlet for the fuel cell anode side.

H2D + for ICE and Fuel Cell Testing

In addition to hydrogen measurement, the H2D + model offers the measurement of nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), either for internal combustion engines with one sample inlet or for fuel cell applications with two sample inlets.

sesam i60

The AVL SESAM i60 FT SII is a Fourier-Transform Infra-Red exhaust gas measurement system offering evaluation methods optimized for different fuels and applications.

SL Visual

The AVL AMA SL is a exhaust measurement system that is revolutionizing emission testing. It is ideally suited to both research and development applications and certification for all types of engines and fuels.

AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems
AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems

The new benchmark for full-flow diluted emission testing is designed to take up much less space than conventional system cabinets and is built to use less energy.

AVL iGeneration SII Systems

The AVL iGENERATION Series II clears the way for intelligent and intuitive R&D and certification emission testing according to the latest worldwide emission regulations.

AVL iCAL Emission Calibration Devices

The AVL iCAL product line includes everything you need to accurately calibrate emission measurement devices according to the legal obligations of global markets.

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Fuelcell Testbed
AVL Fuel Cell System Testbed

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H2 Safety Services
Safety in Testbeds for FC Systems and H2ICE

New Technologies demand not just new testing methods and testing devices but also customized safety measures. 

Maritime Mobility Special

This exclusive webinar gets to grips with all things maritime mobility. 

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Hydrogen ICE Testing - Challenges and Solutions

WEBINAR - Hydrogen has the potential to be used to facilitate the shift towards zero CO2 and zero impact pollutant emissions in transport, marine, and industrial internal combustion engine (ICE) applications.

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