AVL MultiSync Technology™

AVL’s Future-Proof Design of a Test Environment

AVL MultiSync Technology™ offers a central calibration data network that ensures the best calibration methods are always available on all testbeds and can be implemented by the test engineers


Calibrating a powertrain is a huge undertaking regardless of its topology, requiring a detailed understanding of the system behavior.

MultiSync Technology offers a central calibration data network that ensures the best calibration methods are always available on all testbeds and can be implemented by the test engineers under robust and reliable process conditions.

Historically, calibrating a powertrain meant using multiple systems in parallel, each storing their results in separate files and requiring their own expert to parametrize the powertrain.

The interface between the systems was limited both in functionality and in performance. The result was twice the parametrization effort, slow data exchange between the systems, and multiple result files that had to be merged and time-synchronized afterwards.

MultiSync Technology has been developed to create a perfect development environment for dynamic calibration tasks. The solution enables all relevant transient recorder data to be contained in one result, time synced automatically. The powerful performance in terms of data acquisition frequency and number of channels ensures the results are complete and usable for both the specific task and for other users within the company.

MultiSync System


Optimization of the inverter dataset for the best system efficiency of the inverter + e-motor.



Optimize NVH and EMV while minimizing the impact on e-drive efficiency.


Full traceability of all testbed and unit under test-related parametrization during the test.

One Result File

All relevant data in one result file, ready to use when the test is finished.

Easy Setup

One person to parametrize and execute the test without the need for multiple experts for the setup.

Central Parametrization

One centralized testbed parametrization standard combined with the flexibility needed for the individual development tasks.

The main relevant systems interact in an optimized topology and the interfaces are raised to a new performance level. The network is centered on the automation system, which acts as a central data logger, collecting data in real-time from the measurement and calibration systems, and making it available centrally.

MultiSync System

Synchronized, Complete Results

The automation system acts as a central data logger, collecting data in real-time from the measurement and calibration systems.

Change Propagation

Automatic adjustment of the automation system by the calibration, power analyzer, or application system during a running test (or the other way around).

Test Case Encapsulation

Complete encapsulation of a testing task can be transferred to another testbed to guarantee an identical setup.

Mats Ivarson

Testing and optimization of electrified vehicles always involves multiple systems that interact with each other. Having the data from all of them ready-to-use, merged and time-synchronized, when the data is recorded is a must for solving development tasks efficiently.

– Mats Ivarson, Chief Engineer Testfield Innovation and Operation, AVL List

Success Story MultiSync Technology™

Simple and efficient integration of systems in a testfield as a success factor for globally-acting OEMs in the automotive industry

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Test System Automation
Test System Automation

Flexible test automation solutions for virtual and real-world environments


AVL PUMA 2™ is the global industry standard for testbed automation. It is suitable for electrified testbed types as well as for conventional test environments.


With built-in and ready to use domain know-how, CONCERTO empowers data-driven engineers to become a strong development influencer.

Data Acquisition - AVL FEM 4

New powertrain technologies require a higher data throughput rate in real time. AVL FEM 4™ enables you to measure all raw data relevant for the characterization of the unit-under-test.

AVL Cameo 5

AVL CAMEO 5™ unlocks a new maturity level of calibration and validation in automotive software testing. 

Key visual puma 2 share
AVL PUMA 2™ Share

The industry standard for central management of parameters and result data. It is the hub that connects your AVL testbed to your engineers.

Visual MultiSync Webinar 16.06.2020_v2
Accelerated e-drive development using AVL MultiSync Technology™

We have developed a methodology and toolchain to increase the effectivity of various e-drive development tasks. In this webinar we are going to present solutions how to handle significant limiting factors during the development phase.

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