Acoustic Performance Prediction

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At AVL, we support you in all NVH-related topics with a holistic and integrated approach using state-of-the-art simulation and measurement technologies.


Dealing with acoustics or vibrations is a challenging task. The NVH competence center uses advanced simulation and measurement technologies to identify, analyze and solve NVH problems on advanced test systems. With this methodology and experience, we continuously optimize all AVL test systems to operate with high-end performance.

Vibration Prediction
NVH-optimized components are essential to prevent adverse effects such as bending, twisting, rattling, etc. that lead to reduced testbed performance.

Noise Radiation
AVL's NVH simulation experts not only calculate vibrations, but also predict the resulting sound emissions into the test environment.

Soundfield Estimation
Regulatory and project-specific requirements dictate that certain noise limits must be met in certain areas inside and outside of buildings. Our experts can assist in providing an understandable estimate of the expected noise level.


The integration of NVH simulation in the early stages of a project can support in decision-making process. It is also a valuable tool for optimizing components and finding design weaknesses.

AVL provides simulation support for the following tasks:

  • NVH-optimized design support for individual components and assemblies
  • Calculation of sound radiation of components and assemblies
  • Estimation of sound level distribution inside and outside rooms up to whole buildings
  • Estimation of noise levels outside buildings
  • Experimental validation of the simulation results

Virtual Test System Component Development

The NVH behavior of testbed components can be calculated. This reduces the cost of prototyping.

Prediction of Results of NVH Measures

Countermeasures and optimizations can be evaluated early and their effect on the overall system can be predicted. This streamlines and accelerates the development process.

Reliable Simulation Results

AVL is able to verify the results metrologically with a variety of high-end measurement equipment and many years of measurement know-how, both in data acquisition and analysis.

Concept Evaluation

Every beginning is hard, and many ideas need a closer look to determine which concept is the best. At AVL, we evaluate several approaches to solve NVH problems, from single components to large systems.

Rapid Prototyping

We accelerate your prototyping process using predictive design studies

Risk Mitigation

Some design decisions cannot be undone or are very expensive to correct. Using our simulation tools, we provide guidance to make fact-based decisions.


Visualization helps to better understand complex deflections of structures. We can visualize key NVH properties such as sound propagation, bending modes, shape deflection, and torsional vibration.

wolfgang hauer

The skilled use of modern NVH tools can give great insights and perspectives. In our experience, the simulation supported design of NVH test systems is the most optimal way to create class leading NVH testing equipment.”  

– Wolfgang Hauer, Application Engineer NVH, AVL List GmbH

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Whitepaper – Acoustic Performance Prediction

How support engineers use simulation at early stages in development.

AVL NVH Test Systems – Brochure

Our commitment to silence.

Case Study – “NVH Testing for Vitesco”

Unique NVH test environment offers wide variability in testing capabilities.


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AVL has a long tradition and great experience in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) powertrain development and vehicle sound design. For this reason, AVL has introduced a high-end NVH testbed for NVH testing ranging from components up to complete vehicle testing.

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Electrified propulsion systems are a growing part of modern transportation. The changing noise/sound landscape is increasingly demanding modern NVH engineering. At AVL, we have solutions and processes for optimizing the design and quality assurance of interior and exterior vehicle sound.


AVL’s deep experience with NVH powertrain testbeds allows to provide a high-quality acoustic test environment for e-axles. All components and acoustic enclosures are designed by AVL to ensure excellent NVH performance with minimal sound reflections through simulation-optimized design. 

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