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AVL Zalazone

Mobility without accidents – each new generation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and automated driving brings this vision one step closer. To validate your ADAS/AD systems, we provide engineering services with proven processes, methods, and tools that allow us to cover the entire spectrum effectively and efficiently – from preparation and execution to evaluation of results.

AVL’s ZalaZONE Proving Ground near the Hungarian town of Zalaegerszeg plays a key role in this. This high-tech installation is one of the largest and most sophisticated proving grounds for connected and automated vehicles. The 265-hectare all-round test environment boasts a smart city with complete infrastructure, a section of highway, regional roads, and its own ADAS area for EuroNCAP tests and for testing in accordance with the General Safety Regulation (GSR).

The combination of expertise and high-tech proving ground allows us to support your effective development of partially or fully automated vehicles – in a functional, safe, and reliable manner. 

Validation is one of the most significant challenges involved in market introduction for state-of-the-art Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous vehicles. Comprehensive and reliable testing of the systems plays a decisive role. 

Safe Tests, Flexible Conditions

Complexity of Tests

The tests in the field of ADAS/AD are very complex, as all road users must be precisely choreographed and synchronized. 

Time Efficiency

Homologation-related, standardized, and customer-specific testing takes place at the proving ground. To save time and costs, the truly relevant scenarios, and their variations, such as speeds and distances, must be filtered out of the countless possible combinations. 


Was the test executed correctly, or might it need to be repeated? This decision must be made immediately after each test, as reconstructing scenarios is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Quite often this is only possible with support from high-end tools due to the very tight objective tolerances.

Traceability and Documentation

The tests normally verify system requirements derived from system design. This must be fully documented in a traceable manner to provide a clear overview of the maturity of the development status. And this is the only way to guarantee that all requirements have been met, all risks have been reduced, and all specifications have been tested.

Increased Demand for Proving Grounds

In 2022, specific ADAS functions have become mandatory for vehicle homologation in Europe. The increased testing demand often means that it is not easy for manufacturers to find suitable proving grounds with corresponding capacity and facilities. 

The Right Tools for Each Step

We have a clear process that describes definition, execution, and analysis very precisely. 

In the definition phase, we work with physical models to predict vehicle behavior, thereby whittling down the large number of test case variations to the ones necessary as a minimum.

Digitalization now takes place in AVL Smart Mobile SolutionsTM, which are also used in test execution. It uses tablet and audio information for targeted guidance through the test, providing automatic evaluation immediately after execution. The software also analyzes all results, providing complete traceability.

The data are then sent directly to the backend over the air and are immediately available for further processing.

Increase the quality and efficiency in the ADAS/AD test process with AVL.

Complete Service 
Based on your individual requirements, we provide you with comprehensive services – from the creation of the test catalog to the report with final results.

Documentation and Traceability
Each system requirement has a unique ID and is based on specific criteria (verification). The result links directly to the ID to guarantee seamless traceability and complete documentation. This means that we know exactly where optimization is required. 

High-Quality, Efficient Execution
We only regard the test as valid once it has been executed within the tight tolerances in the test parameters. This enables us to guarantee high quality.

Parallel Test Execution
Depending on the test program and the options at the proving ground, we are able to test several vehicles in parallel. This saves time during development and enables high throughput. 

Test Catalog Creation

Based on your specific requirements, we create the optimal test catalog for you, to enable reliable testing of your vehicle. If required, we can also include individual targets for your market-specific requirements.

Comprehensive Tests for All Relevant Functions

Our experience and methodologies allow us to execute tests of Active Safety functions, such as those for NCAP and GSR, and tests of functions related to comfort. Our experts make systematic use of the required equipment, such as robots or dummies.

Extensive Result Reports

At the end of testing, you receive a precise result report as the perfect basis for all future phases in your development.

Insight with Dashboards

Dashboards provide you with access to the web interfaces. Which is where you can view all results from the test campaign directly and promptly. 

Calibration and Adjustment

If it is not possible to fulfill the targets and specifications in the test catalog, we can also provide the calibration service to enable functions to reach their targets. 

Expert Advice

The ADAS/AD environment is very dynamic, influenced in no small measure by frequent legislative updates. We are represented on all important committees and our global structure means that we are familiar with local market requirements. Therefore, we can always offer you optimal advice.

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