In-Vehicle Data and Process Management

Bring More Efficiency to Your Prototype Testing

Achieve maximum efficiency and save cost in your road testing with asset and process control, mobile test execution, data management and data intelligence.

In-Vehicle Data- and Process Management

Learn more about our innovative software solution that makes test drives easier, safer and more affordable than ever before. The solution accompanies you from test preparation in the office to the test drive on the test track and back to the office - where reports are generated at the push of a button. 

To meet emissions and safety regulations as well as customer demands, vehicle development has become more demanding than ever. The cost of prototype vehicles is skyrocketing, and the testing effort for different vehicle models in different locations with different environmental conditions – such as in the heat of South Africa or the cold of Scandinavia – is immense.  So, in-vehicle testing with multiple drivers and extensive requirements is logistically difficult, expensive, and extremely time-consuming. But, AVL has the software solutions to help.

Road Testing
  • Prepare, plan and schedule work packages, work orders and test steps in the office, combined with vehicle, equipment and resource management
  • Enrich of the meta data in the vehicle before and after the test drive
  • Profit from the central data storage, meta data-based search for manual and fully automated evaluations
  • Analyze and report the data fully automatically or interactively
Search for Data

Legal compliancy

ISO 27001 compliant workflow

Data consistency 

Consistent meta data and measurement data handling


Automated data transfer and ingestion

This solution features our powerful and proven data- and process management tools. 

Data Intelligence

This approach allows you to analyze and report the data fully automatically and interactively. You can also standardize the data processing based on powerful calculation libraries, layouts, and applications. Plus, you can enhance your data and combine it with metadata for complaint reports and visualizations.

Asset and Process Control

With asset and process control you can manage and schedule work and test steps from one central hub. It also allows you to manage vehicles, meta data and necessary measurement devices including maintenance scheduling and utilization tracking. Last but not least, you can track the test order status and its results, and share task lists with both colleagues and customers.

Data Management

We offer a highly standardized and modularized data management solution for data integration, search, exploration and automated processing. No matter where the data is generated along the development process, the system manages heterogeneous data in a consistent and synchronized way that meets all current and future challenges.

Test Execution

You can manage and execute the workflow online or even without network access. You can also enhance the metadata for testing conditions and attach additional information. The system then automatically transfers the data back to the data management system at the end of the test execution.

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AVL In-Vehicle Data and Process Management Software Solution

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Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of in-vehicle data and process management.

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