Acceleration of Testing for Software-Defined Vehicles

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Software-defined vehicles mark a significant shift from a traditional hardware-centric approach to a software-centric model, revolutionizing connectivity, functionality, security, and safety in the automotive industry. This paradigm shift redefines the automotive landscape and introduces new challenges. Unlike traditional vehicles, where software is deployed once and remains unchanged throughout the vehicle's lifecycle, software-defined vehicles require regular updates. This necessitates new development and testing approaches within the context of the vehicle system. 

To address these challenges, AVL offers solutions that accelerate software deployment within a DevOps approach, applying advanced automation. AVL enables comprehensive system-level testing whenever a new code change is committed. The solution facilitates the orchestration of virtual prototypes, test cases, and testing environments, ensuring higher reliability and efficiency throughout development. 

Accelerating software deployment in software-defined vehicles is crucial for remaining competitive, ensuring safety and security, and complying with standards like ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 and maturity models such as ASPICE. These approaches mitigate safety and security risks and regulatory compliance issues while maximizing the value creation potential of automotive products - all while enabling rapid software deployments.  
Standardized and continuously used DevOps pipelines for system validation enable immediate feedback loops for software developers, allowing instant access to test results overnight. This means developers can continue refining their code immediately and fostering timely iterations. This customer-centric approach supports software developers in meeting customers’ demands faster and competently. The software developer can utilize their valuable time more effectively for problem-solving and innovation. 

Softwaredefined Vehicle AVL
Softwaredefined Vehicle AVL

With virtual and automated testing approaches, system testing is strategically shifted to the early stages of the software development process. This shift not only saves time but also enhances the efficiency of the software development team. It allows for the establishment of continuous validation pipelines, enabling multiple testing jobs to be conducted in a reproducible manner. The automated pipeline orchestrates existing system models, test cases, test environments, and traces the test results back to the existing requirement system. What was previously a manual process is now automated, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Stage One: Software-in-the-loop (SiL) testing is performed in virtual environments, allowing early and efficient validation. 
  • Stage Two: Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems incorporate virtual and physical testing for comprehensive validation. 
  • Stage Three: Real-world testing ensures seamless integration into prototype vehicles. 

All pipelines are orchestrated across various testing environments to maximize DevOps efficiency, ensuring a robust and streamlined software deployment. The cloud-based solution enables the configuration and execution of scalable and automated pipelines.

There is no need to adapt existing workflows and processes, allowing specific tests to be outsourced to redirect focus to other tasks. Additionally, the solution can be seamlessly customized to meet users' needs.


DevOps Infografic AVL
DevOps Infografic AVL

By adopting our solution, clients benefit from: 

  • Reduced validation times: Faster deployment across different testing environments thanks to continuous and automated feedback loops. 

  • Enhanced collaboration: DevOps principles facilitate seamless collaboration between different teams with full traceability.  

  • Effortless integration: AVL’s cloud-based solution allows a cost-effective and flexible in-house integration and is compatible with third-party tools 

  • Consistent testing: Our solution covers SiL, HiL, and real-world testing, ensuring robustness and cohesiveness across all stages of development.  

  • Reliable Compliance: Support of compliance and lifelong product maintenance, ensuring readiness for evolving industry standards and challenges. 

Harald Petschnik AVL List GmbH

High complexity and shorter update cycles? Our solution uses automated pipelines to reduce testing time by up to 40 %. And this is just the beginning! 

- Harald Petschnik, Business Innovation Manager, AVL

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