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Tech Center Consultancy

Today's investment decisions must meet the engineering needs of decades to come. The process of building a new tech center must begin with a thorough understanding of future market evolution and its effect on the product roadmap. The uncertainty of the assumptions made must be clearly understood and fully transparent, as it has a significant impact on the design of the future tech center.  AVL has a unique advantage due to our global engineering centers and diverse customer base. This provides us with a comprehensive understanding of future market developments. Combined with the fact that we build and operate our own tech centers makes us perfectly suited to offer this expertise to our customers through consulting projects.

It used to be simpler. Build a test facility to ensure product development focused on the highest performance, lowest emissions, and fastest time to market for internal combustion engines. Today, the diversity of powertrain technologies places higher demands on test facilities. They must be able to handle very high electrical power requirements as well as a variety of energy sources such as H2, Ammonia, CNG and Methanol. This additional media requires totally different safety standards and creates new challenges in the construction approval process.

Industry Solutions
Requirement Analysis

A requirements analysis consulting project leads to a clear and shared understanding of the product development strategy as a key input for the tech center planning. The customer's insights are complemented and compared with AVL's view, based on our experience gained in the numerous engineering projects we run worldwide, in a wide variety of applications and customer clusters. The input serves to elaborate the key functional elements of the tech center through a detailed understanding of the development needs and project constraints. In a further step, the conclusions lead to the identification of test system types and quantities, considering test methodology and virtualization.

Requirement Analysis
Concept Generation

Concept studies are a cornerstone of every major engineering project we undertake. Whether it's delivering turnkey solutions on greenfield sites or upgrading brownfield sites, our expertise guides our customers through the process of planning and designing their future tech center. A shared understanding of development and test requirements is translated into an optimally sized and sustainable test facility concept. We perform workflow analyses, design a layout, estimate construction costs, conduct environmental impact studies, calculate utility requirements, and evaluate project schedules, to name a few. This enables our customers to make the right investment decision in the early stages of the project.

Concept Generation
Lab Management

Building a new test facility to increase testing capacity is a major investment. AVL is experienced in performing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) analysis with our customers to get a clear picture of how well the existing test equipment is being utilized. A common conclusion is that only one third of its potential is being used. Therefore, before investing in additional test capacity, we recommend performing an OEE analysis and acting on the results before making a major investment in new test equipment.

Geoffrey Gerring

Making the right decisions early in the design process is critical to timely project delivery and cost optimization. AVL's consulting and facility design engineering methodology addresses all key aspects of the Tech Center project lifecycle.

– Geoffrey Gerring, Business Development Manager, AVL Ibérica S.A.

AVL Tech Center Consultancy offers significant advantages for companies investing in technology centers. Through thorough market analysis and our global experience, companies make informed decisions based on long-term needs. Customized design of technology centers, based on comprehensive needs analysis and concept development, ensures that they meet specific development requirements while taking into account future market trends. Utilization analysis enables companies to optimize resources by fully utilizing existing test equipment before investing in additional capacity, resulting in cost savings and more efficient resource allocation. In addition, AVL Tech Center Consultancy helps companies develop cost-effective solutions that meet evolving industry standards and safety requirements.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Informed investment decisions based on market analysis and experience
  • Customized design of technology centers that meet specific development needs
  • Optimization of resource utilization through OEE analysis and efficient use of existing test equipment
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Lab Management
Lab Management Software Solution

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your test lab.

AVL Customer Services
Customer Services

Your success is our goal. This is what we are aiming for and this is how we understand AVL Customer Services since decades. Our goal is not new, but the way how we do it, is constantly evolving.

energy management
Energy Management Solutions

Due to new technologies, processes and regulations, tech centers became more complex. These new developments impact both energy consumption and testing costs. At AVL, we see it as our responsibility to act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner while fulfilling the highest technical, economic, and quality requirements.

immersive reality solutions
Digital Immersive Reality Solutions

Our state-of-the-art VR, AR, and 3D scanning technologies bring added value to your testbed and facility. With immersive reality, we drive efficiency, quality, and collaboration throughout your entire value chain.

Tech Center Modules - Battery Pack TS
AVL Tech Center Modules

Customer requirements show the need for additional test capacity for ambitious product development plans. AVL Tech Center Modules significantly shorten this process. The flexible, location-independent and easily relocatable modular test system is particularly helpful.

rendering tech center
Turnkey Facility Solutions

AVL Turnkey Facility Solutions offers our customers holistic solutions. By holistic we mean the complete solution including the measurement and test technology itself. We specialize in integrating test systems into existing or new test facilities.

AVL Brick and Mortar Solution
AVL Brick-and-Mortar Solution

Our customer base is global, with test facilities located worldwide. They frequently request our support in modernizing or repurposing their existing facilities. Our services cover the full spectrum of tech center development, from planning to operation, considering the needs greenfield and brownfield sites.


Energy monitoring and load management for your testing facility: AVL EMOS™ is the gateway to energy efficiency and regulatory compliance in the test field.

AVL is the global partner for the most efficient, flexible and reliable test solutions for all electrified vehicles, components and complete systems, using the most innovative technologies. We have been at the forefront of technology for more than 70 years and operate numerous company-owned tech centers worldwide. To achieve the highest efficiency from a test center, we support our customers with knowledge and gained experience. From requirements to reality – we make it happen.

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