Events are one of the best opportunities to stay in personal contact with your peers. We have summarized international conferences and exhibitions where you have the possibility to meet AVLs' experts and discuss solutions.

AVL Tech Center Stuttgart
NVH Opening Event
High Power Systems Conference
AVL’s 10th High Power Systems Conference
13th Int. AVL Emissions and Energy Forum
Vehicle and Environment
Vehicle & Environment

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AVL's Experts on Site:

- Mathias Deiml, Department Manager
- Thomas Rauter, Calibration Engineer Transmission & Hybrid
- Alwin Tuschkan, Project Manager IODP
- Wilhelm Vallant, Senior Product Manager
- Björn Wultsch, Project Manager IODP

Dec 5, 2023
01:15 PM 

Session F: Development Methods, Tools & Testing


Alwin Tuschkan, Project Manager IODP

Advanced Design Validation Planning Techniques for Automotive E-Axle Development

- Results and lessons from an applied advance DVP
- Maximise your validation program for speed, cost and quality
- Reduce time-to-market to ensure product impact
- Tune your validation to your product and application


Dec 5, 2023
03:30 PM 

Session F: Development Methods, Tools & Testing



Björn Wultsch, Project Manager IODP

Performing Calibration of Dynamic Vehicle Behavior of BEV’s on E-Axle Level

- Frontloading of in-vehicle development tasks for effective development
- Successfully frontload calibration of dynamic vehicle behavior
- Vehicle simulation as enabler for calibration dynamic vehicle behavior
- Frontloading by using vehicle simulation and integrating HiL/SiL solutions

Dec 6, 2023
03:15 PM

Session H: E-Drives



Wilhelm Vallant, Senior Product Manager

Sustainabe High-Speed EDU Gen-2

- How to evaluate the CO2-equivalent on an EDU
- Design-to-CO2-eq & calculation of CO2-eq over life cycle
- Additive manufacturing to increase peak power & efficiency

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December 13, 2023
2:10 PM

Battery Health Monitoring: Integrating Data Analytics, Modelling Techniques, and Anomaly Detection for Enhanced Electric Vehicle Performance

Nikolaus Keuth, PhD
Senior Group Product Manager, IODP XI Data Analytics Solutions


December 14, 2023
12:30 PM

Cut Battery Development Time and Cost through Virtual Testing and Digital Labs

Gerald Sammer, PhD
Principal Business Development Manager, Integrated & Open Development Platform


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