Reimagine Mobility Podcast: The Future of Tire Data Sensors and Technology w/ Werner Happenhofer

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Goodyear uses data from tire sensors and other vehicle sensors to provide information to service fleet managers. This information can reduce costs, increase uptime, and improve vehicle stability and activities. Goodyear also uses this data to connect service providers with fleets and fleet managers to turn around vehicles and increase their uptime quickly. The company has a proactive solution in Europe that provides information from different tire sensors. The data can be submitted to OEMs directly, and Goodyear is also working on edge computing IoT.


Werner discusses the use of advanced sensors and tires in commercial vehicles. Sightline basis, a tire intelligence platform, is being implemented in fleets in Europe. The industry is transitioning towards more autonomy in the vehicle, and different levels of autonomy are well-defined. Traditional OEMs are moving towards a higher degree and a higher level of autonomy. Soon, there will be OEMs that do this type of information for their system and also to inform their customers.

When considering the detection of ice on the road in autonomous vehicles, tire data can assist. Once on the ice, there is not much to do anymore, and the car is already veering and swerving. Sensors in the tire work with the rest of the sensor suite of road prediction services, such as camera systems and light assist to recondition algorithms accordingly. The information is used to detect friction potential.

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