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Development of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: How Simulation Supports Mastering PEM Fuel Cell System Development Challenges

Webinar Fuel Cell

PEM fuel cells offer one of the most promising technology paths towards future emission-free mobility. Market needs and customer expectations regarding system performance, durability and costs lead to a variety of challenges for PEM fuel cell engineering. Take benefit of AVL’s PEM fuel cell engineering competence bundled in outstanding simulation solutions that support fuel cell development from powertrain concept layout to system integration.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • FCEV powertrain concept layout and requirements specification
  • Fuel cell and battery dimensioning
  • Balance-of-Plant component technology selection and sizing
  • Virtual system integration and optimization
  • Experimental validation


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Reinhard Tatschl

Reinhard Tatschl
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Vinay Kumar
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Matevz Jersin
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