AVL EStorage LV

Highly dynamic regenerative power supply optimized for testing of low-voltage micro and mild hybrid systems


The AVL E-STORAGE LV is a low-voltage variant out of the successful E-STORAGE product line that is optimized for characterization and verification of electric driveline components in the automotive, marine, aviation and stationary power industry. The system is based on an advanced grid connected regenerative DC power supply that can be easily adapted to meet customer-specific requirements in testbeds and in dedicated laboratories.

AVL Approach

The AVL E-STORAGE LV is available as a battery tester (BT), emulator (BE) and a combined tester/emulator (BTE). The user-friendly battery testing automation software AVL LYNX makes the AVL E-STORAGE LV compliant with the requirements of the latest test run standards (ISO12405, VDA, etc.).  The software also provides a possibility to integrate any subsystems like BMS, climatic chamber, shaker, I/O systems as well as additional AVL products such as AVL SANTORIN, AVL CONCERTO or AVL InMotion™. The system can be set up to emulate a battery by a simple internal resistance model or more sophisticated models with an AVL Controller:

  • Basic battery model with U0 and Ri as f(T, SOC)
  • Advanced battery model with U0 and RC network as f(T, SOC)
  • External Matlab/Simulink® battery model interface
  • Customer-specific energy storage model interface

Customer Benefits

  • Operation in two quadrants: source (I>0), sink (I<0)
  • Voltage and current measurement with a resolution of 16 bits
  • 1kHz CAN interface to AVL or third-party automation system
  • Operated by AVL's automation system (AVL LYNX, PUMA) or by customer's system via CAN interface
  • Local operation with a built-in control panel (optional)
  • Safe shutdown acc. to ISO 13849-1 PL e (optional for BE and BTE)
  • Ground fault detection unit with remote signaling and adjustable limits for earth leakage monitoring and detection of insulation faults
  • Discharge unit to discharge the capacitors of the UUT (optional for BE and BTE)
  • Air cooled solution
  • Compact, mobile design with wheels