The ease of automation


Testbed Automation Platform

The electrification and hybridization of the powertrain – as well as the optimization of the combustion engine – are continuous efforts to meet increasingly strict global CO2 legislation. A state-of-the-art test environment must be able to handle complex tasks, enabling virtual development and test execution on the testbed.

The Industry Standard

AVL PUMA 2™ is the global industry standard for testbed automation systems which validate conventional and electrified powertrains. Our leading automation system is easily extendable to fit modern testing methods, and ensures consistent and transparent testbed configuration.

PUMA 2 provides an easy way to configure testbed parameters while offering the unique opportunity for immediate validation. When used in the office, PUMA 2 allows the frontloading of a considerable part of the testbed work. This reduces testbed downtime and maximizes the output and efficiency of complex calibration tasks.


Powerful, Reliable and Scalable

At the core of our software solution is a cutting-edge user interface that offers supreme usability and adaptability. Furthermore, PUMA 2 is a powerful, reliable and scalable system. We are continuously extending its functionalities to cover new powertrain concepts like fuel cell systems, e-motor and inverter test environments, enabling our customers to easily adapt to present and future demands.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all automotive testbed types, with more than 6,500 licenses installed worldwide
  • Integrated diagnostic features increase runtime and reduce useless data
  • More productive testbed time due to the ability to edit and validate parameters upfront in the office
  • Cutting-edge usability across all testbed applications
  • Featuring AVL MultiSync Technology™ – a future-proof test environment design
  • Efficient management of AVL measuring instruments with AVL ActiveLink™ technology


The Application

AVL PUMA 2 is the brains behind many different testbed applications. At AVL we offer tailored solutions for different testing environments, providing future-proof solutions that deliver confidence in uncertain times.



AVL Software Maintenance for PUMA 2 provides value and stability of AVL Software for the customer throughout the entire Product Life Cycle. It enables the availability of latest software versions including corrective fixes and new functional improvements. Security is key! Protection against software breaches is also ensured.