AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH

AVL ETS combines the comprehensive competence and the decades of experience of AVL List, Pierburg Instruments and PEUS-Systems. What started 1972 at Pierburg in Neuss with the development of the first exhaust gas analyzer, grow into a high-tech company for complete exhaust emission test systems with leading technology.

40 years emission competence at a glance


The first exhaust measurement facility is constructed for internal usage.


The first exhaust measurement facility with 19" technology is sold to a customer.


An exhaust measuring system is delivered to Daimler.


The first AMA smallscale series is constructed for Pierburg's own testbeds.


A separate department for emissions measurement systems and instrumentation is founded within Pierburg GmbH. The first launched products are µP systems (emission measurement systems). Thereafter, CVS systems and particle samplers as well as driver's aids and test cell automation systems are developed.


First order for the delivery of complete equipment for emission certification on chassis dynamometer testbeds (14 test cells) has been received.


The first CVS system for Heavy Duty applications has been built.


FID (Flame Ionization Detector) for measurements of THC and CLD analyzers (Chemiluminescence Detector) for measurements of NO and/or NOX have been developed.


Pierburg is integrated in the Rheinmetall group.
A complete product line is available for all kind of testbed types.


The new generation product line 2000, consisting of AMA 2000, CVS 2000 and FFP 2000 has been launched.


Peus Systems GmbH is founded by Helmut Roppelt and Konrad Hinterhofer in Bruchsal, Germany.


AVL List GmbH builds the first customer specific solutions for exhaust measuring systems.

World's first dynamic emissions volume flow metering for vehicle emissions based on vortex probe (VVS) is developed by Peus Systems.

The first multi-venturi CVS system as well as a FTIR system for modal measurements have been launched by Pierburg.


World's first dyno testbed automation system (PELE) based on Microsoft Windows™ is launched by Peus Systems. Furthermore, an automatic gas divider and propane injection tester based on critical nozzles are invented.


For the first-time a complete emissions laboratory automation of multiple dyno test cells and SHED/running loss chambers with workflow management and data analysis are realized by Peus Systems.


The first partial flow dilution system for Heavy Duty applications is launched by Pierburg.

Peus Systems implements driver libraries for virtually all major measuring devices and subsystems on the world market. The exhaust measuring system PEGASys 1 is launched.


Peus System launches the first complete product line for emission testing PEGASys, consisting of an exhaust measuring system, CVS system and particulate sampler. In addition to that, the CVS system based on the multi-venturi principle with up to 5 parallelly arranged venturis is developed.

Pierburg Instruments delivers the first 4 stream emission bench (pre-, mid-, post-cat, modal).

AVL List launches the exhaust measuring system CEB-I,


Peus Systems implements the Automator Suite, a new SW platform for all devices and automation systems. Furthermore, the new emission bench PEGASys 2 is presented.

Pierburg presents the automatic particle filter changers (40x) with automatic scales.


A new SESAM FTIR multi-component emission analysis device suitable for testbeds for dynamic measurement in automobile exhaust (30 measurement components per second) is introduced by Peus Systems.


Pierburg Instruments is founded from the divisions emission measurement technology, workshop measurement technology and fuel measurement systems.

AVL List presents the new exhaust emission system CEB-II.

Gaggenau, Germany, becomes the new headquarter of Peus Systems.


Pierburg Instruments launches the next generation of emission testing equipment, consisting of the AMA 4000, CVS 4000 and FFP 4000.

The first transient engine testbed for commercial vehicles for emission certification and development is implemented. The automation is completely done by the AUTOMATOR Suite.


The first SESAM FTIR device with H2 sensor for use in fuel-cell applications is delivered. First SHED chambers are delivered by Peus Systems.


A mass spectrometer and high-speed, multi-point diode lasers supplement the product line of Peus Systems.

AVL Holding, Graz, acquires the Pierburg Instruments GmbH.


Peus Systems presents the PEGASys 3 emission bench.

AVL Holding, Graz, acquires majority of Peus Systems GmbH. The divisions workshop measuring technology and fuel measurement systems of Pierburg Instruments GmbH are spun off.


The AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH is founded as a consequence of the merger of AVL – Pierburg Instruments – Peus Systems.


AVL ETS presents the new intelligent, innovative and intuitive iGENERATION product family, consisting of the AMA i60 exhaust measuring system, the CVS i60 full flow dilution system and the full flow particulate sampler PSS i60.


AVL ETS is honored with the TOP 100 innovator award.


AVL ETS is again honored with the TOP 100 innovator award.

The iGEM automation software for engine testbeds (iGEM Engine) is newly introduced and represents a new state-of-the-art level.


AVL ETS is honored with the TOP 100 innovator award for the third time and the TOP 100 innovation marketing award.

The iGENERATION product family is extended by the multi-component exhaust measuring system SESAM i60 FT and the iGEM automation system for chassis dyno testbeds, the iGEM Vehicle.


AVL ETS celebrates 40 years of emission competence.

AVL ETS is honored with the Stevie Award.

AVL ETS is starting up the first AVL-equipped Light Duty exhaust emission test cell at the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL), of EPA in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: