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The Keys to Bearing Friction Optimization

Presenter: Daniel Blaindorfer
Language: English
February 6, 2020 10:00 AM CET   45 mins
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An efficient drivetrain is as important as a powerful engine. In today’s premium racing series, most of the time engines are already pushed to the maximum. Additional HP is difficult to find and requires expensive engine development programs like CFD simulations, combustion analyses, valve rigs or engine tests.

As at some point the engine power runs evenly, the drivetrain efficiency becomes a real performance differentiator. The more efficient the driveline, the less power is lost between crankshaft and the wheels. To achieve this in-depth analyses of each single component are needed. While tools for gearbox and differential measurements are already available, wheel bearings have been neglected until now.

First internal tests have shown that, even with spec bearings of racing customers, major efficiency gains can be achieved. To find the overall optimum of preload, lubricants and temperature, an accurate tool dedicated for bearing tests is needed. As the bearing friction is also driven by road loads and operating temperatures, only measurements under realistic conditions are valuable.

Attend our live webinar and learn more about the new cost-efficient AVL Friction Rig service to measure wheel bearings under real world conditions. Unlike a simple run out test, the AVL Friction Rig can apply wheel loads to the bearing without corrupting the measurement.

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date and duration
February 6, 2020 10:00 AM CET
45 mins