Human-centered attribute engineering

Vehicle Targets and Attributes

Enhance customer experience with targeted system design

In the past, manufacturers were focused on vehicle types that used internal combustion engines. Consequently, vehicle architectures are strongly depended on the propulsion systems used. Now, however, stricter regulations and consumer demand for more options have become more prevalent – meaning that powertrains come in an array of configurations with varying vehicle architectures, each created with the goal of reaching zero impact emissions. To address the increased complexity of this process, we design and optimize vehicle architectures, systems and subsystems to create optimal-functioning vehicles with the right systems and components for the job. This applies to both passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles.

Attribute Engineering

While we create fully functional, efficient and integrated vehicles, we use attribute engineering to focus on the desired characteristics you would like your vehicle to have. This incorporates attributes such as performance, drivability, interior sound, thermal management, thermal comfort, energy management, range, safety and vehicle architecture. We then consider geometric and operation relevant attributes such as ergonomics, space and operation.

Our systems engineering approach allows us to look at the vehicle with a holistic point of view. We strive to achieve the optimal balance between your requested vehicle attributes while ensuring that we meet cost, durability and timing targets.

Vehicle benchmarking and technology scouting are one of the key elements in this approach. While they are essentially one of our service offerings, they also play an important role in defining your target values. We use our internal databases to analyze existing attributes on vehicle and system level, and can then simulate the effects of the systems and components yet to be installed. This means we can objectively assess the vehicle at a very early stage, knowing what the effects and attributes are. We are then able to identify potential conflicts long before the actual prototype is built. Enabling you to make informed decisions about the necessary trade-offs between technology, cost and customer requirements.

Why AVL?

We are unique in our approach in that we have years of experience in quickly defining the right KPIs. Over the past twenty years, we have analyzed the impact of various functions on the powertrain and the complete vehicle. This enables us to define these targets from scratch. To think of and create completely new products and architectures, it truly requires expert knowledge at every step of the process. With our deep know-how and state-of-the-art tools, we can balance contradicting attributes to fulfill legislative requirements and to ensure that your vehicle has its own distinctive DNA.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize the risk of additional costs at a later stage in the process
  • Reach a high degree of maturity already at the concept phase
  • Cut down on development time and effort
  • Focus on customer experience throughout the entire development process