Actuators and robot systems are used to operate throttle pedals, gearboxes and clutches corresponding to the hands and feet of the driver.

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The AVL Throttle Actuator Compact is a linear rotary screw (LRS) type throttle actuator used for controlling the mechanical throttle on an engine. The linear rotary screw type technology gives the Throttle Actuator excellent speed, force, and accuracy capabilities. The integrated controller allows for improved stability and accommodates a large input voltage range. The integrated mechanical flex-ball connection to the throttle and a pre-defined electrical connection to the automation system...
The DCA 1000 is a simple clutch actuator that operates the test rig clutch or a clutch for gear changes in a manual transmission.
The THA 120 is used to operate the throttle or injection pump on internal combustion engines. Suitable for the execution of legal driving cycles according to ECE, FTP, EPA and Japan guidelines.