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Diagnostic equipment for in-service vehicles. AVL DiTEST GmbH equips workshops and test centers with test systems and diagnostic tools of the highest quality.

Website: www.avlditest.com


AVL SCHRICK GmbH has been developing combustion engines and related components and systems for more than forty years. While the company's initial focus was on motor racing, today most turnover comes from series developments.

Website: www.avl-schrick.com


Piezocryst is a leading technology company developing and producing piezoelectric sensors. Based on a unique combination of crystal technology, design competence and precision manufacturing, we supply pressure sensors, force sensors, strain sensors and accelerometers for different applications and industries.

Website: www.piezocryst.com


Trimerics GmbH is a well known engineering partner for the automobile industry for development of components and systems in the area of electrical, electronics and mechatronics.

Website: www.avl.com/emc


Specializing on internal combustion engines and participative transmissions, AVL LMM S.A.S is working on pollutant-free, durable and accessible mobility.

Website: www.avl.com/avl-france


qpunkt is a well-established and innovative specialist for vehicle development and sets new standards in the fields of thermal management, air conditioning, vehicle cooling, computational fluid dynamics, test bed engineering, system- and component testing, design, acoustics and e-mobility.

Website: www.qpunkt.at

Strategy Engineers

Strategy Engineers is a strategy and management consultancy with a focus on the automotive industry and other, technology driven industries.

Website: www.strategyengineers.com