AVL has the in-depth knowledge for developing combustion concepts ranging from Euro III or similar up to EU VI or similar and for on-road as well as off-road engines. Due to the high focus on alternative fuels AVL has built up significant know-how in the area of gas engines complying up to EU VI or similar. AVL's solutions are customized for specific boundaries (e.g. SCR only, DPF applications,…) To be prepared for future market requirements, research is done on technologies as waste heat...
To meet forthcoming fuel economy targets the automotive world is challenged to steadily introduce more and more advanced combustion systems. Many of these combustion systems are already under development: • Miller- and Atkinson-Cycle • HCCI homogeneous charge compression ignition • Applications for alternative fuels (CNG, alcohol fuels, synthetic fuel, etc.) • Many others The challenges for powertrain development due to increasing complexity and high degree of sophistication can...
AVL made a concept for an even more extreme downsizing approach for the next generation of powertrains by further reducing the engine size to 1.0L using a 3 cylinder concept with a specific power rating of 80 kW/L
The combustion engine is still at the heart of efforts to meet the steadily increasing demands for low fuel consumption together with high power.
One of the most decisive factors determining the success of any internal combustion engine is the flow quality of the intake and exhaust ports.
For development of engines, components, alternative fuels and lubes; with transparent access into the combustion chamber. Compact test bed solution and peripherals.
The Efficiency Engine – Cost-effective Alternative to Downsizing
A very effective measure to reduce the fuel consumption is to shift the engine operation towards higher loads, i.e. into operating areas of higher efficiency. This can be managed by downsizing of an engine and/or by choosing a longer gear ratio (down-speeding). In combination with turbo-charging such a concept allows to achieve excellent fuel economy together with a very attractive vehicle performance.
Within the last years, AVL built up several demonstrator cars aimed to show substantial fuel economy improvements. Based on standard gasoline engine, AVL achieved high fuel economy together with improved driving performance by utilization of electric boosting combined with additional technology features. All these AVL prototype vehicles demonstrate significantly reduced CO2 emission with minimum on-cost for powertrain hardware components.

AVL Gas Engines for Commercial Vehicles

Highest power output and best fuel efficiency

AVL offers a variety of gas engine solutions that are compliant with emission and CO2 legislations. They are market-ready, have attractive product costs and provide best fuel efficiency.
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