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Corporate Social Responsibility

Working towards a social and sustainable future

It’s our duty to contribute to help solving social, cultural and environmental issues – especially regarding environmental protection, sustainability and global emissions.

As an internationally competitive company, we do see it as our duty to contribute to help solving social, cultural and environmental issues - especially regarding environmental protection, sustainability and global emissions. Our understanding of sustainability is closely linked to our corporate values – such as pioneering spirit, client orientation, problem-solving competence, responsibility and independence. The work at AVL reflects a deep understanding of the responsibility for society and respect for nature. It is of great importance to us to encourage and support sustainable development in Austria with all the means at our disposal.

AVL is also an active member of respACT, the leading corporate platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development in Austria - with the main purpose to mobilize important players in order to make Austria a pioneer of future-proof and responsible business.

Employees´ engagement
We have a strong stance on caring for our employees and enhancing their knowledge and skills. We have recognized that our success is definitely driven by our employees. We strive to empower our people to give their best and to improve the performance of our business. We take a structured, global approach to learning, peoples’ development and talent management.

Responsible supply chain
We are committed to developing strong relationships with our suppliers and partnering with them to improve their social and environmental performance. This is fundamental to securing a reliable, sustainable supply of high-quality materials. It is also essential to delivering the transparency required by our stakeholders and customers.

Ethics and Integrity
We expect our employees to conduct and to behave themselves in a professional manner. Our employees shall comply with the law and shall not act in a manner that may be interpreted as a violation of the law. It is vital that we continue to act with integrity in order to maintain our success as a large company with a global footprint. We have formalizing our approach to ethics and integrity in a globally rolled out Code of Conduct.

Protecting the environment
A considerable proportion of our services and products aim to reduce environmental pollution. We are also committed to acting sustainably and to optimizing all internal processes in such a way that there is no or only minimal impact on the environment. In addition to the self-evident compliance with all legal requirements and the use of environmentally friendly facilities and machines - as far as economically justifiable - we also show continuous improvement in site-related environmental protection. Our environmental management system is defined at the highest management level. After a maximum of one year, the management will review the degree of implementation of the environmental policy.

Efficient use of energy and raw materials
All our products, services and processes ensure the efficient use of energy and raw materials as well as the minimization of waste and residual materials throughout the product life cycle. We do not use materials and processes that pose a risk to the environment and health. To this end, we regularly review and monitor the ecological performance of our company and prepare regular reports in which we pay particular attention to the assessment of potential risks of existing and future products, services and processes.

Responsible products
The sustainable treatment of resources and the ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector will have a drastic impact on the required electrification and the powertrain mix of the future. Together with the rise of renewable energy carriers it creates a wealth of different future development options and scenarios. AVL helps in planning the proper energy pathway. With sustainable design and development AVL reduces the CO  ​​​​​​​₂ footprint of the powertrain in all lifecycle stages while considering affordability for the end consumer.

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