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AVL CONCERTO™ - The easiest way to turn your data into meaningful information

CONCERTO is a generic data post processing tool focusing on quick and intuitive signal analysis, validation, correlation and reporting, for any kind of acquired data.

AVL Solution

CONCERTO combines the flexible approach of being generic and implementing application specific know-how accessable directly at the user interface. Its open interfaces and integrated comparison mechanisms offer a central data correlation tool for automation-, simulation- and measurement-systems.

Your Benefits

  • Re-use at manifold application fields like engine-, powertrain-, emission- or hybrid-testing lead to reduced training effort
  • Merging routines for asynchronous datasets such as transient emissions-, combustion- or ECU-data
  • One single tool for cycle-based, crank-angle-based, time-based and log-point-based data

AVL CONCERTO - flexible and modular software packages

CONCERTO is the ideal tool for combining and evaluating the whole range of data which is collected during an engine development. Its development is driven by the needs of the automotive industry which grants compliance to international standards as well as the integration of specific customer needs.

CONCERTO is available in several pre-defined configuration packages according to the users application need.

Software License PackageDescription


The base package provides a set of basic functions for generic data post-processing (e.g. 2D diagrams, table objects, text objects, simple formula functions, access to basic file formats, etc.)

Advanced for Indicating

Includes the full functionality of CONCERTO-Key and additional specific functions relevant for combustion analysis tasks (e.g. graphical formula editor CalcGraf with function library for combustion analysis, etc.)

Advanced for Test Bed

Includes the full functionality of CONCERTO-Key and additional specific functions relevant for test bed data evaluation (e.g. access to ASAM-ODS data base systems, support of 3D engine maps, etc.)

CONCERTO - Premium

Includes the full functionality of CONCERTO-Key, CONCERTO-Advanced for Indicating, CONCERTO-Advanced for Test Bed and additionally a set of expert functionalities (e.g. extended data access, COM- and Active-X-Interface for advanced remote control, advanced data search function, user interface - adaptability, etc.)
Additional specific optionsIn addition to this preconfigured license packages further application oriented packages and optional extensions are available (e.g. for analysis of emission test data, evaluation of hybrid test bed data, extended combustion analysis, portable emission measurement systems, etc.)


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Key featuresDescription

One tool for manifold applications

Due to its flexibility in relation to data formats, calculations and display possibilities CONCERTO can be effectively used in every stage of the engine development process.
  • In R&D CONCERTO enables engineers to get the most accurate and informative results from the acquired data in the shortest possible time, supplying a solid base for critical decisions.
  • During calibration and endurance tests CONCERTO offers a way of flexible and fast data processing, delivering results for optimization and comparison.
  • In pre-series and series production CONCERTO allows automatic data evaluation for monitoring purposes and convenient documentation.
All data post processing tasks within one toolAVL CONCERTO offers a common platform for all data post processing tasks within one tool:
  • data management (incl. data search, data filtering and navigation)
  • interactive analysis (e.g. advanced cursor functionalities)
  • calculation possibilities (integrated calculation tools from simple Calculator to advanced programming environment and formula editor, including pre-defined libraries for application specific calculations)
  • advanced reporting tasks (from simple diagrams up to reduction of data evaluation time due to fully automated advanced reports).

Advanced data management

The standard support of manifold data formats, like Inca MDF, ASAM ATF/ODS, ASCII, AVL IFile, AVL CTF and more than 20 further formats, is the basis for the generic usage of CONCERTO. In addition extensions to any customer specific format are possible on demand as well.
Easy and intuitive usability - the main drivers for the actual product generationIn close cooperation with customers and an independent software expert company, our CMMI® certified development team has set new standards in terms of functionality, usability and reliability for efficient and powerful data post processing. The result is the development of the actual product generation of our application and workflow oriented data post processing software.
By using CONCERTO the time effort for obtaining the most valuable information out of your data will be reduced significantly. It makes simple analysis tasks as well as advanced functionality easily accessible for every user.
Clear structure and improved formula handling, extensive evaluation capabilities as well as professional graphical presentation make it ideal for processing of data from complete vehicle to individual components - today, and in the future!

The workflow concept

CONCERTO guides the user directly via the user interface through the most common steps of a typical post-processing workflow. Thereby the user can decide on his own, if he wants to follow the complete workflow or start and stop somewhere in between.

  • easy data access
  • professional data visualization
  • manifold calculation possibilities
  • fast data export
How to turn your data into information?The main challenge in dealing with any kind of measurement data (coming from several systems like various automation-, simulation- or measurement systems) is always, to access the data in an intuitive way, without complex format or path definitions. Within CONCERTO 4 especially for beginners, but for more advanced users as well, accessing new data sources is just a matter of a few clicks.


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