AVL Electric Motor Test Systems

Develop, test and validate e-motors

The AVL Electric Motor Test System functions as a complete development, testing, verification and validation environment for electric drives. It is used to determine and analyze the electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of electric motors.

The Challenge

Designing a complete test system for electric drives destined for hybrid vehicles (micro, mild, full or plug-in) including power electronics.


Test environment for BSG, ISG and axle drives and power electronics

  • Can I develop, test verify and validate different electric motor types on one testbed?

Wide range of tests

  • Can I run functionality, reliability, endurance and cold start tests under real operating conditions?

The AVL Solution

The AVL Electric Motor Test System is a complete development, testing, verification and validation environment for different electric motor types (BSG, ISG and axle drives). It is used to investigate electrical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic characteristics and is available as a standardized system or as a customized solution.

AVL offers testing for drives ranging from passenger car and heavy duty vehicle applications to race car applications with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems).

The Added Value

  • Flexible and modular design with matched and tested components
  • Highest control accuracy and outstanding dynamic performance
  • Dynamometers up to 25,000 rpm
  • Virtual proving ground concept based on AVL InMotion 4™
  • Application know-how based on the operation of AVL's own testbeds
  • Global distribution and service network


AVL Dynamometers
Dynamometers are available in a variety of performance and speed classes for the entire operating range of the test specimen, from zero speed up to the positive/negative maximum speed. The high quality AVL dynamometers are also characterized by very low torque cyclic irregularities resulting in the delivery of measurement results with high levels of accuracy.

AVL E-STORAGE product line
Different systems and power classes out of the AVL E-STORAGE product line are available for supplying the unit under test with energy. Due to its high level of dynamic performance, enhanced accuracy, broad voltage range and low residual ripple, the AVL E-STORAGE BE™ can provide a precise and stable voltage output or precisely emulate a real-world battery.

AVL Universal Inverter
The Universal Inverter is intended to replace the vehicle's inverter in the E-Motor testbed. It is the interface between the AVL E-STORAGE BE™ (or vehicle's battery) and the vehicle's E-Motor with a DC input and a 3 phases AC output. It operates in 4 quadrants and can easily be parameterized and remote controlled via CAN-bus interface.

Coolant conditioning systems
A coolant conditioning system with temperature and flow control mode is available to condition the coolant of an e-motor, power electronics or a battery. The electrical heating unit, which is integrated in the coolant-conditioning device, enables quick preheating of the coolant. All devices are prepared to be fully integrated in the testbed automation system.

Climatic chambers
A climatic chamber is used for environment simulation within the typical temperature and air humidity ranges as specified by endurance test recommendations for electric motors used in electrified powertrains of road vehicles. Due to its modular design the climatic chamber can also be added to the testbed at a later time.

AVL PUMA Open 2TM Automation Platform
AVL PUMA Open 2™ E-Motor represents the automation and integration platform for performance-, efficiency-, safety- and climate chamber tests. It allows the user to process the increasing complexity of testing tasks of e-motors for hybrid- and e-vehicles and to control all sub-systems like climate camber and conditioning system. The system provides processing capacity for the automation, control and simulation software as well as the interfaces for I/O modules and other sub-systems, measuring devices and application systems.

Power measurements with power analyzer fully integrated into AVL PUMA Open 2TM
Due to full device integration into PUMA Open 2TM, quantities measured and calculated by the high-precision power analyzer are displayed and recorded fully time-aligned with other quantities such as speed, torque, temperatures etc.

Virtual proving ground approach based upon AVL InMotion 4TM

Technical Data

  • Torque range: 5 to 5.500 Nm
  • Power range: 2 to 800 kW
  • Speed range: up to 25.000 rpm (for MGUH up to 125.000 rpm)
  • Use of active dynamometers (recuperation of energy to the mains power supply)
  • High-performance and flexible automation system (AVL PUMA Open 2TM)
  • HV DC power supply: 1000 VDC; several power and current classes
  • Integrated electrical test and measurement devices
  • High-precision power analyzer for data logging