AVL Electric Motor Test Systems

Develop, test and validate e-motors

The AVL Electric Motor Test System functions as a complete development, testing, verification and validation environment for electric drives. It is used to determine and analyze the electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of electric motors.

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AVL Power Electronics Test Systems

Develop, test and validate power inverters

The power electronics test system provides a real-world environment for the development, test and validation of inverters. Individual and system level testing is possible for start-stop, mild/full hybrid, and full electric vehicles.
Fully integration of automation system with data acquisition system is needed for time aligned analyzing of the result data. To be able to perform test runs under realistic environmental conditions a coolant conditioning system shall enable environment Simulation within the typical temperature and air humidity ranges as specified in the European and Chinese testing recommendations.
The AVL E-STORAGE BE (Battery Emulator) is optimized for characterization and verification of e-motors and inverters.
AVL provides customer oriented solutions for the development and testing of the complete range of electrified powertrains.