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AVL Emission Measurement Solutions

AVL offers the complete range of emission test systems for certification, development and series monitoring on engine and chassis dynamometer testbeds.
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High-end Exhaust Measurement System

AVL AMA SLTM Exhaust Measurement System revolutionizes emission testing for engine exhaust gas measurement in research & development as well as...

AVL M.O.V.E iS - Your fast track to RDE success


RDE compliant Portable Emission Measurement System for particle number

The AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS extends the system portfolio of the industry standard M.O.V.E iS by a new particle number measurement module providing...
The AVL AMA i60 is a high-end emission bench characterized by sophisticated gas analyzers and a compact, modular design. The intuitive, interactive...
The AVL CVS i60 is a space-saving and cost-efficient full-flow dilution system designed for engine and vehicle certification as well as R&D...
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