AVL IT Day 2019

Global IT Support

Those of you who always wanted to know what an amazing range of activities AVL Corporate IT covers are well advised to attend the annual AVL IT Day. For the second time, people got together at the Helmut List Halle for a demonstration on how the company provides support in IT and other matters every single day across its worldwide network.

The 565 visitors had ample opportunity to get up to date on subjects like Fact-based Management, IT and Business and ‘a day in the life’ presentations, portraying various positions at AVL. There were also several booths where AVL’s cooperation partners presented portfolios of their own. The IT Day, held as an internal trade show, was opened by CEO Helmut List. In his speech he emphasized how important it was, specifically where IT was concerned, to do research in new technologies while never losing sight of the user. After his speech, visitors could hardly wait to explore the more than 50 trade show booths.

If you are curious what has happened last year, visit AVL IT Day 2018.

AVL IT Day 2019
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