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Our Cooperations

At AVL, we are committed to strengthen the social and economic fabric of our territory. This is the reason why we are striking up partnerships with local institutions and universities.

The TACC program is an academic pathway developed by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills for students from various disciplines, including engineering, economics, law, languages, and communication.

The program involves the creation and development of entrepreneurial ideas in the automotive field, along with an acceleration and prototyping phase for projects. Student teams are supported by both academic and corporate tutors throughout their educational journey and have the opportunity to interact with leading companies in the industry.

The program includes lessons, participation in national and international fairs, workshop, corporate visits, supplementary seminars, prototyping, design and validation sessions for the start-up project.

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AVL has been the main partner of the program since its first edition in 2018. The team of Creators Expedition – an AVL initiative, created to support innovative startup projects, guides the students through the development and prototyping of business ideas. This involves providing mentorship sessions and seminars focused on specific topics related to lean startup methodologies.

The ongoing revolution in the automotive sector demands increasingly qualified professionals capable of managing the growing complexity associated with future mobility development. Our collaboration and support for the TACC program align with our broader corporate mission, which aims to create strategic competencies and shape the engineers of tomorrow.

Further information about TACC: https://tacc.unimore.it


MUNER is the result of synergy and collaboration among four Italian universities, renowned for their excellence in education, and the companies of the Motor Valley, which epitomize the excellence of Made in Italy worldwide. Established in 2017, MUNER has consistently received strong support from the Emilia Romagna Region.

As AVL, we offer curricular internships (pre-graduation), post-graduate internships, and specific training programs (such as seminars and lab activities). Being part of this project allows us to shape future engineers who must adopt a holistic approach, understanding all automotive disciplines in an integrated manner to meet the evolving market demands.

In February 2024, MUNER established the Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee with the aim to address gender issues in the automotive and engineering education sectors. The Committee collects and develops joint initiatives of founding partners, universities and regular partners to promote inclusive and balanced working and learning environments.

We take pride in supporting gender equity and guiding the brightest minds in the realm of future mobility.

Further information about MUNER: 



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In 2020 we started a productive cooperation with the Municipality of Cavriago, town where our Technical Center is located. The common aim was to introducing young students, from the local middle school “Galileo Galilei”, to STEAM disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, showing them how new technologies can lead to a more sustainable world.
Started with a first summer edition (AVL Summer Camp), the collaboration has successfully given sight to further 2 editions and consolidated AVL Green Camp as an inspiring stage in students' schooling.

The camp program is usually divided into two phases; the first consists of a series of classroom lectures where AVL experts provide students with theoretical notions on the chosen topic. Then a small group of kids, selected on the basis of interest shown, continue with hands-on workshop activities to build a prototype. The activities, with a playful and educational slant, allow the attendees to acquire skills related to robotics and programming languages, as well as electrical engineering, by experimenting, building and coding.

Accomplished projects:

  • an atmospheric particulate control unit to measure air quality (Summer Camp 2021)
  • a charging station for an electric kick scooter, powered by solar energy (Green Camp 2022)
  • model of a green hydrogen-powered vehicle, where hydrogen is produced through water and electricity powered by a solar panel (Green Camp 2023)

The 2024 edition is about to start and will deal with the digitalization of energy systems through machine learning. More specifically, the students will investigate how we can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions through the development of a digital platform.

    AVL Italia Green Camps aim to create a STEM culture from an early age and to bring the younger generation closer to the world of work, spreading knowledge of new technologies, foregrounding the ecological transition and, even more crucial, stimulating the spirit of innovation in the very young.

    Green Camp Bus
    Green Camp Lab
    Green Camp Final
    Green Camp 2024
    Green Camp 2023
    Green Camp 2022
    Summer Camp 2021
    2021 2022 2023
    Green Camp Control Unit

    Summer Camp 2021

    Atmospheric particulate control unit to measure air quality 

    Green Camp Charging Station

    Green Camp 2022

    A charging station for an electric kick scooter, powered by solar energy

    Green Camp Hydrogen Vehicle

    Green Camp 2023

    Model of a green hydrogen-powered vehicle, where hydrogen is produced through water and electricity powered by a solar panel

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