For all those who think of cars in terms of highly complex safety technologies and electronics.
Lena Kemmer, Copyright: Marija Kanizaj
Copyright: Marija Kanizaj

What is it about?

As part of a team, you will work on a wide variety of vehicle and engine types, from simple passenger cars to gigantic marine engines. With the help of modern fault diagnosis equipment, defects are analyzed and delineated so that they can subsequently be remedied accordingly. Working on prototype vehicles is part of the daily routine, as is supporting the engineers in the area of our test track.

What will you learn?

  • Testing, dismantling, assembling, repairing and maintaining mechanical/electronic parts, engines and power transmission equipment installed in vehicles
  • Basics of vehicle and system electronics
  • Basics of mechanical, electrical and electronic measuring and testing procedures and their evaluation with the aid of computer-aided diagnostic equipment
  • Safety regulations, the basic motor vehicle and motor vehicle legal regulations, norms, safety and environmental standards

How long do you learn?
4 years

Currently no open apprenticeship positions in this area.

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