For everyone with a strong technical and spatial imagination.
Apprenticeship - Mechatronics Technician

What is it about?

In a project team, you will use all your creativity and your understanding of spatial and technical relationships to develop many new ideas for the design of engine and drive components together with your colleagues. The goal is to make engines and vehicles more powerful, environmentally friendly and efficient. The spectrum ranges from simple hand sketches to technical design with CAx systems.

What will you learn?

  • Basics of machining techniques for metals, plastics and other materials and the production of connections (detachable/undetachable)
  • Standardized creation of design drawings of technical components and assemblies in all kind of views and perspectives
  • Carrying out subject-related calculations
  • Creating subject-related documentation and project-oriented work based on knowledge of project and quality management

How long do you learn?
4 years

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