For all those who see their main talent in the field of technology, mathematics and logic.
Electrical Technician

What is it about?

With the help of simple components of electrical engineering you realize complex measuring and testing systems. As a specialist, you will support the engineers - whose goal is to develop the absolutely emission-free drive unit - in engine and vehicle development. In addition, your tasks will include the maintenance and support of electrical components in the test bench as well as in the production of measuring instruments.

What will you learn?

  • Electrical fundamentals and basic laws (e.g. Ohm's law)
  • Electrical connection and processing techniques (soldering, wire-wrap, etc.)
  • Getting to know company-specific machines and their commissioning, control and maintenance
  • Fault analysis and rectification on electrical systems with the aid of special measuring devices and electrical engineering tools (e.g. multimeter, oscilloscope)
  • Safety regulations, protective measures, environmental and quality standards

How long do you learn?
3.5 years

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