For all those who like to work practically and quickly understand technical contexts.
Metal Technician - Mechanical Engineering

What is it about?

The focus of your work is in the field of mechanical engineering. You process a wide variety of materials using a wide variety of processing techniques. Based on technical drawings, you will manufacture components and entire systems according to the ideas of our engineers, and you will be the interface between development and testing, so to speak. Your extended tasks also include supporting our engineers in the test bench area and in vehicle construction.

What will you learn?

  • Joining and machining techniques in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering (welding, brazing, drilling, turning, milling, grinding, filing, etc.)
  • Manufacturing, assembling, fastening and mounting of components and constructions also in connection with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
  • Carrying out repairs, commissioning and maintenance activities on all types of machinery.
  • Safety regulations, norms, environmental and quality standards.

How long do you learn?
3.5 years

Currently no open apprenticeship positions in this area.

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