With the increased complexity of hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicle systems – along with the need for improved engine efficiency, reduced emissions and precise energy management –the demand for calibration solutions is greater than ever before.

Calibration tasks regularly call for the precise control and monitoring of thousands of different parameters. Managing such activities makes calibration engineering exciting but equally challenging. At AVL, we are developing tools and solutions to tackle these challenges, and we are recruiting team members to help us in this endeavor.

The major objective of our calibration competence is to ensure that we manage the complexity of each calibration task in order to achieve the lowest possible exhaust emissions, meet on-board diagnostics requirements and the defined drivability targets for the engineering project that we are working on. Another important goal is to find the optimal balance between legal regulations and brand specific attributes, since we work with several big players in the automotive market.

We achieve this by conducting tests using our own engineering-specific software platforms. These industry-standard tools let us assess and fine-tune systems to meet stated goals and achieve their optimal performance output.

Samuele - Calibration
Insight Engineering - Calibration


"Passion for technology is the driving factor. It doesn’t matter if it is just in one of the many test drives or directly at the test bench. You have to burn for it."

Mechatronics Technician


"You are allowed to contribute your own ideas and you are heard. It's simply togetherness"

Patrick Falk
Project Leader


"I've been technophile ever since I was a kid and I am happy to turn my hobby into my profession working at AVL"

If you want to become part of the AVL family, you should be a team player who strives to come up with creative solutions to solve complex problems. Effective communication and intercultural skills are necessary to collaborate with our international customers at headquarters and on frequent business trips. Proficiency with data evaluation, post processing, calibration software and all corresponding legislation is essential to ensure efficient and optimal results for our customers.

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