The automotive industry has adopted numerous innovative methodologies and techniques over the last several years. Few of these, however, have been as groundbreaking as data intelligence and Big Data. At AVL, our data intelligence services support the complete vehicle development process, from the concept phase to after-sales management. Utilizing Big Data helps us create even smarter, more efficient and safer vehicles. Therefore, experts in the fields of data engineering, data science and data visualization are essential for us to continue creating the vehicles of the future.

We are constantly looking for specific talents to move the vehicles of the future. As part of the AVL team, you will work on new IT solutions and the creation and implementation of digital tools. This is to organize and analyze the flow of information, turning Big Data and reliability engineering into a working methodology within AVL’s engineering process.

Of course, the collection and structuring of data as well as the analysis and visualization of it is another primary activity within the team. The linking of data with metadata aids us in identifying new patterns. These new patterns often lead to new configurations and new models. A strong understanding of mathematics and statistics for the generation of new algorithms is highly desirable.

Data Engineer Linda
Data Engineer


"Experts from different fields work here, allowing you to broaden your own horizons. Thanks to the many departments, there is also the opportunity to switch within the company if you want to try something else."

Daily support for tasks in the fast-paced world of Big Data is tough to come by. To overcome challenges, you need to find alternative, new solutions for managing, processing, analyzing, visualizing and storing data, independent of a support staff. In our dynamic environment, you are given the freedom to shape solutions yourself. That is why we are looking for individuals with a post-secondary degree (or its equivalent) in IT, telematics, mathematics, statistics or software engineering. With your knowledge of cloud architectures and technologies, you are the right fit for this demanding but equally rewarding role.

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