Electric vehicles are an integral part of the future automotive ecosystem. New emissions regulations are quickly being adopted around the globe, and consumer demand for electric automobiles is rising. Taken together, both of these factors are accelerating the development of electrified powertrains and increasing their complexity.

At AVL, we understand today’s changing automotive landscape. With our knowledge of market demands, we help our customers navigate these changes by supporting them with our engineering, simulation and testing services – along with our proven methodology throughout the complete development process. From white box e-drive solutions to fuel cell systems and battery testbeds, as well as comprehensive development, testing, simulation, validation and integration services, we cover every aspect of e-mobility for every type of vehicle.

Providing a sense of certainty in these uncertain times, we are here to help our customers realize their potential and usher in a new era of clean mobility.

Across AVL, there are a wide mix of tasks involved in the provision of our e-mobility portfolio. Each of them is unique, but they are all equally important. You can expect to work on anything ranging from the start-stop function in passenger vehicles, to high-voltage systems for hybrids and e-axles for fully electric vehicles.

We focus on providing tailored solutions that range from concept development to integration, and even validation and analysis throughout the in-use phase. This could involve determining optimum vehicle layout configuration, including where the e-motor should be mounted for best performance, or even how many gears would be needed to get the best performance out of an e-axle. Every day involves developing new ideas and a creative approach to how we can implement these ideas into real vehicles. The work we do today is driving us toward a cleaner future tomorrow.

Daniela Berger
Project Manager and Application Expert


"What I find particularly exciting about my work is that every day is different and brings new challenges."

Group Product Manager - Michael
Group Product Manager


“My first contact with AVL was through my diploma thesis, which I wrote in the fuel cell department.”

Marlena Volck
Battery Development Engineer


"Working at AVL as a development engineer gives you a lot of possibilities. You can work on your own developments, customer projects or research projects"

For us, e-mobility is the passion that drives our innovative solutions. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, mechatronics engineer or physicist, e-mobility excites you just as much as it excites us. Our e-mobility division has jobs in a range of fields, including in development support, test and validation solutions, simulation tools, and system integration. We even have an area devoted to the development of solutions for charging systems.

To be successful in this role, you need to have a proactive attitude and effective presentation skills. These attributes make you a perfect fit to be AVL’s representative at customer conferences and in meetings. You help ensure that we not only know our customer’s needs and requirements, but that we can meet them.

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