The hybrid powertrain comprises specific key elements: the combustion engine, transmission, battery, fuel cell, electric motor and control system. Within function development at AVL, our most important task is developing these components in such a way that they can be easily integrated into the vehicle. We do so through systems engineering, where we take a step back and look at the full picture to ensure that we do this in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Thanks to this innovative approach and our strategic global positioning, we work with leading automotive brands around the world.

As part of our function development team, you will be involved throughout the entire development process, which starts at the design and concept phase. Once the overall idea behind the design is finalized, progress begins to meet the desired targets. We do a large chunk of the work during this phase, but ultimately this needs to lead to the smooth integration of the above-mentioned key elements.

A “typical day” at AVL does not exist, as the challenges are varied and always require alternative solutions to what has worked before. The automotive industry is also enjoying a tech boom that almost every industry in the world has experienced. A car used to be just that, a car, but in the current technologically advanced landscape, it has essentially become a computer on wheels. This requires us to put additional safety measures in place, add more controls and address an array of different facets that previously went unconsidered. What was once a closed system is now a fully integrated internet device.

Paul and Michael - Systems Engineering
Insight Engineering - Systems Engineering

Paul and Michael

"It is our job that the individual pieces of the powertrain puzzle fit together and that the overall system represents more than just the sum of its individual parts."

Verification and Validation - Sandra and Manfred
Insight Engineering - Verification and Validation

Sandra and Manfred

"Communication is the key, especially in the area of verification and validation. You have contact with people from many different disciplines and countries."

We are looking for abstract thinkers with a post-secondary degree (or its equivalent) in electronics, mechatronics, physics, control engineering, mechanical engineering, security development or software development. Experience in system, function and embedded software development is also required. While teamwork is an essential trait for working at AVL, you also need to be able to take on responsibility for the development process.

With this background, you can help us address the rising complexity behind the creation of these new systems.

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