With over seven decades of experience in the mobility industry, we understand the challenges our customers face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By using sustainable design and development processes, we are not only helping reduce the CO footprint of all types of powertrains, but we are also keeping affordability in mind for the end consumer. At AVL, we are conducting extensive research to help customers around the world enter a new era of cleaner, greener mobility.

Aside from our work in the electrification of the powertrain, we also offer a range of products and solutions to increase engine efficiency, measure and reduce emissions. From research into future fuels, complete well-to-wheel energy strategies or highly advanced and accurate emission measurement devices, we are leading the way to green mobility. If you join our team, you will become part of this global campaign to create a better world for future generations.

Working within the future ICE solutions function at AVL, your role could be in a number of different areas. Our experts operate in many different domains, such as the design and development of fuel conditioning and consumption measurement devices, and emissions and particulate measuring systems.

Our aim is to drive down the cost, effort and development time of cleaner propulsion technologies, while ultimately improving product quality and meeting the toughest global emissions standards. This requires a multidisciplinary strategy and team players with a high willingness to learn, a strong sense of responsibility and a goal-oriented approach to their work.

The right candidate for a role in the field of future ICE solutions should have completed a post-secondary degree (or its equivalent) in the fields of electronics, telematics, electrical engineering, mechanics or construction. You might be required to work collaboratively with fellow team members to create lower-emission engines, use simulation tools, develop frontloading methodologies and conduct advanced data analysis. That is why we want to recruit team players who are not just technicians, but also creative visionaries who share our commitment to excellence.

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