AVL has been a leader in automotive development for over seven decades. Today, both the vehicle and the development toolchain differ greatly from what they used to be. With the ever-increasing complexity of modern vehicles and with large amounts of data now available, we are leading the way in developing connected tools to manage this complexity, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

Tools such as our Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) allow each part of the development toolchain to talk to each other. Our other IT Solutions, digital tools and cloud solutions help customers set goals and comply with new, global legal requirements. All of these together provide end-to-end communication, enabling a holistic approach to development.

IT and software are constantly changing fields. Our development teams manage the overall picture of our software development practices, which include areas such as driving attribute simulation, vehicle efficiency and virtual vehicle characteristic engineering.

From abstract conceptual work, on the one end, to delivering scalable solutions to specific problems, on the other, our work is challenging and creative. Our innovations allow entire vehicle concepts, including subsystems and components, to be designed and tested in the computer prior to any hardware being built.

Our approach is methodical and highly structured, but it allows room for creativity and inspired thinking. It is this spark that lets us create alternative solutions to some of the biggest challenges the automotive industry is facing today.

Lea Jordan
Software Development Engineer


“It’s enormously enriching for me to work with colleagues from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or physics. Because that's exactly AVL's philosophy: to connect various disciplines to develop the optimal product for the customers.”

Analysis Engineer - Gudrun
Analysis Engineer


"What's exciting about my job is that I not only sit in front of a computer all day, but I also deal with a lot of different people."

Software-Developer - Ramin
Software Developer / Architect


"I am lucky to be in a team with other excellent software developers, so that I am constantly learning new things, something which makes me really happy."

Kornelia Hoffmann
Usability Engineer


"The good work environment, the variety of projects and challenges we work on, and just because it's fun: That's why I like working at AVL"

Robert Binder
Project Manager


"Paternity leave was a great opportunity for me to enjoy two months together with my son"

The experts in our IT and software teams are passionate visionaries who know their craft. They are empowered to take ownership of their duties and to create a better future through their work. They see themselves not just as part of the IT team, but as a part of the broader automotive development project. A passion for technical solutions and strong analytical skills are required. Knowledge of languages such as C++, C# and .Net is a prerequisite, along with an understanding of topics such as telematics, mathematics and software development. But we are also looking for team-oriented individuals eager to learn, to be part of something bigger than themselves and to help change the world for the better.

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