At AVL, we have specialized in powertrain system development and integration for over 70 years. While vehicles have changed a lot over the decades, one thing has not: our expertise in vehicle development. Today, as vehicles become ever more complex, we are constantly adapting to new challenges and developing creative solutions. There is no part of vehicle development that is not touched by our technical expertise.

To adapt to today’s new automotive landscape, we now design hybrid, electric and combustion powertrains. We do this from the initial concept stage all the way to series production for most of the major vehicle manufacturers in the world. A big part of powertrain development is the mechanical engineering behind it, and this is exactly where you come in.

In system development, it is the little things that make the most difference in terms of efficiency. We spend countless hours researching ways to reduce wear and tear on components and subsystems, while also trying to reduce the CO₂ emissions of the overall system. At the same time, we have to guarantee that these components, subsystems and the overall system all functional reliably. It is a matter of figuring out how to create lightweight components with an optimized friction coefficient while ensuring that the manufacturing process remains cost-efficient.

As a mechanical engineer, your job is to innovate and consistently come up with alternative solutions to how we design and build components, powertrains and complete drive systems. You must be able to adapt to different technologies and systems and handle system-specific boundary conditions. Have we sparked your interest?

Takayuki Miyata
Application Engineer


"There are so many experts from different areas at AVL and there are so many challenges I can try. AVL is a really inspiring workplace for me"

To be the perfect fit for a role as a mechanical engineer at AVL, you need to be an interdisciplinary thinker. You must also have a post-secondary degree (or its equivalent) in mechatronics, mechanical, electrical or automotive engineering and have experience in the industry. The character traits required for this role include effective communication skills, organizational talent and an in-depth understanding of how the entire development process works. Economic knowledge is also a plus. You will need to be highly committed to the role and collaborate with team members across different departments.

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