At AVL, supply chain management is fully integrated in all of our key processes by continuously delivering results in line with business requirements and our corporate quality and environmental goals.

With the world’s best supply base concerning quality, innovation, availability and cost competitiveness, we support AVL’s operations around the globe. Using our globally positioned supply chain, excellent management organization and state-of-the-art tools and processes, we provide business intelligence for decision-making processes, ensuring internal and external customer satisfaction.

There is more to procurement than you may think. It is about finding the best processes, the right suppliers and ensuring we create high-quality products that we can be proud to release into the market. At AVL, we provide solutions to companies from all across the transportation industry, meaning we work on products ranging from small 2 wheelers to sea-fairing ships.

To ensure that we always have the highest quality materials, we rely on our team of  experienced department and global commodity managers, strategic and operative buyers, supply quality engineers, cost engineers and our strong logistics and freight department.

Strategic Purchasing -Fardin
Department Manager - Strategic Purchasing


“In price negotiations, doing your homework is key“

Power Electronics
Production Power Electronics


"I'm very motivated by challenges I've managed to overcome, and that's a big chunk, especially in our field, but you realize you're not alone in AVL"

Mechatronics Technician


"You are allowed to contribute your own ideas and you are heard. It's simply togetherness"

This is where you come in. Having a post-secondary degree (or its equivalent) in mechanical, electrical, electronical, industrial or cost engineering is required. With your background, you would be a perfect fit for logistics, where you would be able to work in the areas of warehouse management, order processing, and freight and customs clearance. Since you will often be the first point-of-contact with customers, it is important you understand the main manufacturing, management and quality management methods (for casting, molding, machining and industrial assembly). Having a background in Supply Quality (VDA/ISO TS) is also a great way to get your career started at AVL.

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