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Thesis at AVL

We would be happy to support you with your thesis and are always on the lookout for creative and committed students. Our various departments offer a wide range of exciting and innovative topics. If your area of interest is not ideally covered by the advertised topics, collaboration is still possible: submit your project or project idea to the relevant AVL department and we will give our best to find the best possible solution. You should also consider and be aware of the following points: 

  • Objective: writing a thesis (HTL, Bachelor or Master) with professional guidance and support
  • Framework conditions: thesis can be written either during, outside or after the end of the internship (as part of a work contract)
  • Application: possible online at any time for various topics  
  • Benefits: benefit from the expertise of experienced specialists; professional support and guidance during the research phase of your project; one-time fee after you have successfully completed your thesis

Not quite sure which topic to choose?

Mabye we can help you by providing insights into our different fields of interest. 

Field of interest - Calibration

With the increased complexity of hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicle systems – along with the need for improved engine efficiency, reduced emissions and precise energy management –the demand for calibration solutions is greater than ever before.

Field of interest - Fuel Cell

Electric vehicles are an integral part of the future automotive ecosystem. New emissions regulations are quickly being adopted around the globe, and consumer demand for electric automobiles is rising. Taken together, both of these factors are accelerating the development of electrified powertrains and increasing their complexity.

Field of interest - Emission
Future ICE Solutions

With over seven decades of experience in the mobility industry, we understand the challenges our customers face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By using sustainable design and development processes, we are not only helping reduce the CO₂ footprint of all types of powertrains, but we are also keeping affordability in mind for the end consumer. 

Field of interest - Data Intelligence
Data Intelligence

The automotive industry has adopted numerous innovative methodologies and techniques over the last several years. Few of these, however, have been as groundbreaking as data intelligence and Big Data. At AVL, our data intelligence services support the complete vehicle development process, from the concept phase to after-sales management. 

Field of interest - IT and Software
IT and Software

With the ever-increasing complexity of modern vehicles and with large amounts of data now available, we are leading the way in developing connected tools to manage this complexity, reduce costs and accelerate time to market. Our IT Solutions, digital tools and cloud solutions help customers set goals and comply with new, global legal requirements.

Field of interest - Vehicle Integration
Vehicle Integration

At AVL, our unique understanding of the whole automotive picture makes us the ideal partner for the complete vehicle integration process, from the concept stage and the start of production, all the way to the in-use phase. With our own unique vision, we intend to sustainably shape the future of vehicle integration.

Field of interest - ADAS and AD
Automated and Connected Mobility

In terms of technology, innovation and the wide-ranging possibilities they offer the automotive industry, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) are incredibly exciting. We are actively shaping and designing the thrilling new technologies that will play a critical role in future mobility options.

Field of interest - Commissioning
Commissioning and Customer Service

Our commissioning engineers ensure that everything on the customer's testbed works harmoniously, while our Global Customer Service team prides itself on ensuring that customers can effectively and efficiently use AVL products and systems.

Field of interest - Function Development
Function Development

The hybrid powertrain comprises specific key elements: the combustion engine, transmission, battery, fuel cell, electric motor and control system. Within function development at AVL, our most important task is developing these components in such a way that they can be easily integrated into the vehicle.

Field of interest - Sales and Business Development
Sales and Business Development

Working in international automotive markets means understanding not only our comprehensive product portfolio but also the differing needs of our customers in these countries. Adapting to these requirements and taking them into consideration when developing your sales strategy is a vital part of this role.

Field of interest - Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

To adapt to today’s new automotive landscape, we now design hybrid, electric and combustion powertrains. We do this from the initial concept stage all the way to series production for most of the major vehicle manufacturers in the world. A big part of powertrain development is the mechanical engineering behind it, and this is exactly where you come in.

Global Purchasing
Supply Chain Management, Production and Quality

Our supply chain management is fully integrated in all of our key processes by continuously delivering results in line with business requirements and our corporate quality and environmental goals. Using our excellent management organization and innovative tools and processes, we provide business intelligence for decision-making processes.

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