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Lukas Pichler researches the latest market trends for AVL. His findings directly influence the development of new prototypes. Lukas: “Everything we develop at AVL is 'tangible' for me in use. We work in agile teams and get to try out everything we thought of during development, either in simulation environments or directly on the test bed. I am an absolute enthusiast about the interdisciplinary cooperation opportunities we have with all the different departments and also for the AVL spirit, captivating and motivating you to always come up with new solutions! The AVL headquarters in Graz has the feel of a campus. The various departments for the software development areas are housed in their own separate building. A great blend of traditional and open-space offices. This is not to forget that the numerous health, cultural and sporting benefits AVL offers.”

“Actively experience and help shape the technological change, that is my daily business.”

Graduates of IT programs see their professional future in one of the leading international companies in the IT industry. What many of them may not know is the broad range of exciting work area that AVL offers.

Lukas: “I completed my master’s degree program in computer science at TU Graz. AVL had already given me the opportunity to work in the Systems Engineering Lab in addition to internships in various IT companies. This puts many different tools and processes into the hands of students and gives them the opportunity to try out new methods for themselves. It is all about gaining initial professional experience and getting a real insight into the business. In the end, I decided to work for AVL full-time because I wanted to contribute to something sustainable with my work. And at AVL that means being a part of the solution developments for the mobility of the future!”

“We live modern, agile software development processes and utilize the latest tools. The connection between the tasks and the subject of mobility takes a very different course here, however, and that’s what makes it all so exciting. Another great advantage is the unique opportunity for acquiring key knowledge about the automotive industry in the AVL Academy for people who are motivated and open-minded.”

Lukas: “At AVL, anyone who is curious and willing to learn has the absolute best opportunities for an exciting and promising career path. Knowing that what we have programmed on the computer will contribute to the further development of mobility is a great source of pride for us all. I have never had a single regret about my choice to work at AVL. It is living experience of technological change as it happens!”

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