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We safeguard that intelligent sensor technologies perform even under diverse weather conditions.

AVL Sensor Lab

The mobility revolution is creating more diversity on our roads. The growing number of different means of transportation such as bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters also inevitably enhances the risks for vulnerable road users. Intelligent sensor technologies and their safeguarding are crucial to ensuring even greater road safety in the future.

With the Mobility and Sensor Test Center in Roding, Germany we offer a standardized testing ground for sophisticated sensors. Combining sensor tests with the development of software solutions in the field of artificial intelligence makes our competence center currently the only pilot plant of its kind in the world. And it marks a significant step towards safer mobility. The innovative project is part of the technology push “High-tech Agenda Bayern” and the cluster “Automotive in Bayern”.

The sensors of automated driving functions and advanced driver assistance systems must function safely under all conditions. But the influence of the ever-changing weather is often neglected. NCAP certification tests such as the autonomous emergency braking for vulnerable road users (AEB VRU) are only carried out in good weather, not under rainy or foggy conditions. The reason lies in the lack of reproducibility during real-world tests outdoors.

All-weather Proven Sensors
Our Aspiration: Realistic and Reproducible

We provide the solution to this challenge with our center of excellence, which enables the physical simulation of environmental impacts such as rain, fog, and various lighting conditions. 

Representing these conditions realistically comes with numerous requirements: from the exact simulation of raindrops to water recycling in the rain system and simulating twilight.

Our indoor sensor testing ground meets all these requirements: For your ADAS/AD sensors we provide a unique testing and validation environment that covers various critical weather situations. Based on reproducible indoor measurements, you get models for the virtual simulation of different weather conditions and the relevant sensors.

We make sure that your intelligent sensors work precisely for a safe future.

Precision Throughout

Customers who do not have their own specific test facility can obtain professional support: In Roding we perform relevant tests in real-world conditions, precisely and in a way that can be reproduced. We compare the findings obtained in the lab with real data collected from the road. 

State-of-the Art Equipment

The perfect technical equipment also enables us to visualize country-specific requirements at our indoor facility, safeguard corresponding functions, and thus support derivative development.

Indoor Tests with reproducible weather conditions

  • Weather conditions like fog and different lighting
  • Area of 1,600 m2 (84 m x 19 m)
  • Rain system for precipitation intensities between 5 mm/h and 98 mm/h, as well as corresponding drop size distribution 
  • Fog system 
  • Hall basic lighting, which can visualize indirect natural light of at least 2000 Lux (10 cm above the road) and has 90 kW installed light output
  • Secondary systems such as aeration/ventilation, heating, filter system, water recycling, water filters, etc.
  • Asphalt road with customizable road layout and road limits

Tests with virtual sun

(Starting 03/2023)

  • Active glare device that models the largest possible spectral range that can be represented artificially
  • Installation on robotic arm for gradual movement (finest angular resolution of 0.01°) across a hemisphere around the vehicle camera 

Tests with dynamic traffic conditions

(Starting 09/2023)

  • Indoor localization and control of (NCAP) dummies (pedestrians, cyclists, cars)
  • Simulation of dynamic traffic scenarios, factoring in interferences (rain, fog, etc.)

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