Testing under Real-World Traffic Conditions

Always on the Safe Side.

 Testing and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in standard vehicle and traffic conditions in the relevant target markets.

Real World Driving

A legal requirement that came into force mid-2022 in Europe is presenting manufacturers with increasing challenges. Now, various Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) must be integrated into new vehicles to be homologated.
Emergency braking and automated lane keeping systems, an automatic speed warning, and a device for integrating an alcohol interlock are mandatory from this point on.

This also means that the necessary systems must be designed to meet customer- and country-specific requirements, and all variants of a vehicle must be taken into account. These systems need to be safe and reliable in terms of end customer acceptance.

As an engineering service provider, we support you with the development, testing, and implementation of assistance systems. For this, we not only analyze and evaluate the market requirements, but we also test the systems both on the test track and on public roads in real-world traffic conditions.

New market players and customers from non-European markets in particular benefit from our many years of expertise.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems need to be subjected to extensive testing in two respects. The tests must demonstrate whether the product has actually met the requirements. And testing in real-world traffic must prove that the correct parameters were considered during development, to achieve end customer acceptance in the various markets. In real-world testing, we subject these systems to all conceivable driving and traffic situations in all types of weather and lighting conditions.


Comprehensive Mapping of All Scenarios

The assistance systems must function reliably in all predefined conditions (weather, road type, etc.): The systems must not fail to react in defined hazardous situations (false negative), neither must they react in standard, harmless situations (false positive).

Reliable, Valid Testing

Testing in real-world road conditions must meet the predefined test coverage. It must also be ensured that real-world testing verifies the relevant parameters such as response times and approaching behavior regarding end customer acceptance.

Adaptability and Rapid Market Readiness

The testing methods and processes must be standardized, scalable, and replicable. Manufacturers expect service providers to have market knowledge, be flexible when it comes to product design, and to bring their products to market readiness quickly.

Test Ride

In real-world testing, we plan the route to be taken early on. In doing so, we cover the entire testing area – and consider road types, weather, special areas such as tunnels and roundabouts, as well as country-specific transportation policies like road signs and markings. Depending on the maturity of the ADAS implemented, the fleet of test vehicles completes up to several hundred thousand kilometers in total. The data collected in the assistance systems is transferred to the backend at runtime, where it is processed and evaluated. Our customers are then able to view these results directly via a web frontend. The systems are adjusted as necessary, based on the insights gained.

For ADAS and AD systems, safety and reliability in all situations is of paramount importance. As an engineering service provider, we are aware of the specific customer and market challenges and offer customized solutions.

Reliable Results

Thanks to our constant monitoring of quality, robustness, and performance, you can be certain that the functions will meet your requirements

Maximum Target Achievement

Our online fleet monitoring helps you reach your goal of maximum coverage and diversity within the ODD, under maximum use of the driven kilometers.

Global Tech Centers

Our local experts carry out test drives with trained personnel on site, and make use of the local infrastructure. This enables us to meet your requirements directly in the individual markets.

Route Planning

We plan the routes to be taken such that there is high coverage of all customer-relevant scenarios and environmental conditions (Operational Design Domain ODD).

Extensive Preparation and Maintenance

To prepare your test vehicles for the complex tests, we calibrate both the sensors and the entire measuring equipment.

Real-World Testing

Assistance systems need to be tested in particular in challenging traffic situations and conditions. We take care of testing and validation in the respective markets.

Final Report and Recommendations

The report of the real-world testing provides you with insight into what was covered in the tests and what incidents or poor performance we discovered. We are happy to recommend specific optimizations for your assistance systems.

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