Processes and Methods in Software Development

Expedient Processes for Your Control Software

Control software in vehicles must meet current safety standards. We apply methods and processes to help you reach your development target efficiently.

Software Methods and Processes

Automotive development has always been subject to strictly defined standards - this also applies to the software used in the vehicle. The Automotive Spice (ASPICE) quality standard and the ISO 26262 safety standard are particularly important.

The legal standards clearly state which specifications must be met; however, the actual implementation is not defined in detail and can pose major challenges for development teams. We provide you with the methods and tools to consistently develop in compliance with the applicable standards - in the most efficient way.

With more than 20 years of experience in successfully developing series-proven software products, we can guide you through the implementation and application of compliant processes, methods, and tools. 

Successful software development involves a range of tasks:

  • Systematic identification of all relevant standards that currently apply to your markets
  • Implementation of internal process definitions from standards requirements
  • Fine-tuning of the process for effective application in development
  • Classification of internal process definitions into multiple abstract levels to make them easily accessible for developers
  • Most practical and seamless process design possible
  • Pragmatic, efficient training of developers for the application of the project in their daily work
  • External qualification of development process and product

We support you with these tasks, smoothing the way to successful software development.

Challenges in SW Methods and Processes
Process Control Modules

We have developed a unique Process, Methods, and Tools (PMT) approach to ensure that you receive the best possible software product that meets every aspect of your requirements and legal standards:

  • P – Process: We connect standards requirements with the process level, using the requirements in the specification to derive the activities that must be implemented, and classify these in a development cycle. Throughout the entire process, we guarantee the traceability and consistency of the development, as demanded by common standards.
  • M – Methods: We apply comprehensive methodology to every step in the V cycle.
  • T – Tools: We implement the requirements in the process and use suitable tools that are beneficial for the process and the methodology – for example, software architecture tools such as Enterprise Architect.

Our service goes above and beyond interpretative consulting. We know how automotive development and software products actually work – and use our experience to support you throughout the process, all the way to operating the software in the vehicle.

We guide you through the following three steps:

  • Gap analysis: In a workshop we investigate your available resources for meeting common standards. Wherever we spot gaps, we provide you with information on how to close them.
  • AVL PMT chain: We provide you with a solid toolchain, adjust this to your development process, and implement it for you.
  • Workshops: We train your quality and process engineers in a process session.

Your software development benefits from our process and methodology skills – enjoying some significant advantages:


Fulfilling standards has become more important than ever, especially since the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Customers require corresponding certificates to be produced and presented. Our tried-and-tested development processes help you meet these standards and assert your market position.


An efficient development process is critical for keeping production stages to schedule – and is by no means trivial: Work plans must be clearly defined and implemented, and requirements must be traceable without ambiguity. This is where we ensure both project efficiency and compliance with your resource scheduling during software development. And that a mature product is launched on time.

Quality and Productivity

Our support enables you to deliver the product you want, when you want. Your software can be implemented as scheduled, including all required functions. 


We document all implemented, compliant processes and methods for you. This allows you to easily adopt and implement them in your development process landscape. We support you throughout the process, regardless of tools.


You receive instructions on how best to use each tool that we deliver. We also provide clear and comprehensible training for your employees.

Support with Assessments

The most thorough and legally compliant development is nothing without approval. Which is why we are happy to assist you with quality evaluations. This ensures that your software is authorized for commercial use.

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