Tailored Development of ADAS Features

Full Customization for Excellent Results.

Driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions (AD) for all vehicles – AVL develops customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Tailored Feature Development ADAS

AVL customizes the development of software for the required features to suit your needs throughout the V-cycle, from system development to homologation maturity. This enables you to meet the extensive requirements for safety-relevant ADAS functions in almost all vehicle types and classes. Thereby, we also offer maximum flexibility. Our white box options allow you to choose whether to further develop your customized solution yourself, or hand it over to a partner. You can also decide on the timing. If you wish, we can take care of the whole feature software development process for you.

Safety features in vehicles go well beyond pure mechanics these days. New directives such as the General Safety Regulation (GSR) or the current NCAP requirements stipulate electronic ADAS features such as the automated lane keeping system as standard in new developments – including in vehicle types that have not yet been designed with this in mind. This now puts pressure on automobile manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, current labor market conditions in the logistics industry are pushing accelerated advances in autonomous driving for commercial vehicles. Meaning that the search is currently on for solutions that enable ADAS features at Level 4 to be achieved, at least on private land. Another important factor is the end customer’s subjective perception: The driver wants to be able to rely on their vehicle and feel completely safe in it, at all times. ADAS innovations must also meet these customer requirements.


The foundation of every ADAS development by AVL is our detailed knowledge of all relevant standards: from the functional safety standard ISO 26262 to the specification ISO 21448, which ensures the safety of complex ADAS target functions (Safety of the Intended Functionality – SOTIF). Our AVL software architecture builds on these standards, and the ADAS functionality is modelled in full. Our familiarity with all the requirements enables us to work with you to devise perfectly aligned development goals. From numerous validation processes, we have systematically defined a broad range of driving scenarios in databases. This knowledge allows us to supplement your requirements catalog reliably and without gaps. So, you have access to ADAS features that are guaranteed to meet the current standards.

When you entrust us with the development of your ADAS features, you enjoy numerous benefits:

Shorter Time to Market

Take advantage of our modular system. This means that rather from starting from scratch, you can build on a proven basis. Which significantly reduces the time to market for the feature.

White Box Principle

Upon your request, we will guide you through the entire development process. Anything is possible, from a “jump-start” to complete feature software development.

Guaranteed to Pass Homologation

When we develop an ADAS feature for you, you can rest assured that it will meet all relevant safety standards and that it is ready for homologation.


We can modify our reference system flexibly to suit your requirements in every respect.

Tailor-made for You

You also have all the advantages of personalized development, and can be sure that the finished feature will work perfectly in the target vehicle.

Systems Engineering

For the first phase of your V-cycle, we provide you with the feature description, define the system requirements, and supply the architecture.

Software Implementation

In the implementation phase we provide you with the necessary software modules. Including object recognition and control modules. If you would like a white box, we will supply you with the original content (OC) file, as well as the MATLAB Simulink file, so that you can continue working on this foundation.


In the crucial final phase, we provide you with meaningful test reports, including coverage reports based on the official safety rating. You will also receive

detailed software documentation. If desired, we can also hand over the test to you.

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