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Are you looking to optimize your control software? Our tools offer model-based development and verification in accordance with all the latest standards.

Software Toolchain Maestra

Developing software for use in vehicles requires compliance with quality and safety standards such as Automotive Spice (ASPICE) and ISO 26262. The toolchain AVL Maestra® enables you to implement these requirements with your software with maximum efficiency. It contains functions developed specifically with this in mind. You can obtain the software products as separate solutions, or as part of an overall package of processes, methods, and tools (PMT). Our knowledge of processes, tools, and development is incorporated into every link of the toolchain.

We use Maestra for our in-house software developments – which means we can guarantee the highest level of practical viability. Regardless of the domain, Maestra is suitable for all software requirements – and for all types of control software, from battery management to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) functions.

Developing control software for vehicles requires a trade-off between efficiency and complexity. In addition, most control software functions are relevant for safety requirements, and must therefore comply with the standards ASPICE and ISO 26262. To mitigate these conflicting goals, you need a technical solution that guarantees standards are met and also has access to numerous tools and interfaces, and supports agile working.

Software Toolchain

Efficient Development

There are many technical possibilities for meeting standards. The industry is searching for maximum development efficiency – even when it comes to highly complex software functions and interactions.

Rapid Update Cycles

The market dictates a fast pace: Where a time frame of three months was acceptable previously, often you now need to deliver new software updates within two-week sprints. This is only possible with an integrated toolchain and continuous processes.

Legal Standards

Complying with standards is mandatory these days. Customers are requesting ASPICE compliance – worldwide. Since the on-board software is increasingly integrated into functions that control the vehicle, functional safety has also become standard in most projects – summarized in ISO 26262.

Integration of Many Components

Software systems comprise a multitude of individual software components. Virtual verification is crucial for testing the functionality early on. We have the toolchain that can support the process, from development of the software functions to simulation of the overall system.

Image shows our new Dev Ops Approach

Various individual programs are used to solve all the challenges of software development. Each of these software solutions requires its own operation, configuration, and compatibility with the other programs in the toolchain. We know that there is an easier way. Maestra is our solution for your process-compliant development and assurance of software functions.

  • Our integrated development toolchain combines all required functions for model-based software development in a uniform user interface. For user-friendly operation and rapid update cycles.
  • Integrated quality metrics and automated checks ensure your software development is process compliant at all times. For example, checks are run to see whether all planned requirements have been tested and the programming code is of the best quality. A quantum leap in meeting standards.
  • Maestra creates virtual electronic control units (vECUs) automatically, for example, for ADAS or AD functions. This allows you to test and calibrate control unit functions in an early simulation phase, to align them with the real-world vehicle. The advantage being that you do not need real-world hardware, which saves time and money.

Our integrated toolchain for model-based software development comes with proven benefits

Process Compliance

To adhere to legal standards, we provide you with both a viable implementation in a process, and the appropriate toolchain that you can use to work through the defined process efficiently.

Faster Time-to-market

All necessary functions and tools are bundled in a development environment and can be used in a continuous process – avoiding unnecessary tool changes. This can reduce your development and test time to as little as two weeks.

Cost Reduction

We create virtual electronic control units (vECUs) automatically. This enables you to test and calibrate control unit functions in an early simulation phase.

Increase In Quality

Integrated quality metrics and automated checks ensure the process compliance of software development at all times.

Discover the strong bundle of components integrated into our Maestra Suite.


The MATLAB-/Simulink-based development interface for the model-based development of embedded software creates interfaces between the various programs and combines these in an integrated toolchain.


How do software components communicate? MAESTRA.SIGNAL has the answer. Architectures for software systems can be created in this tool. These architectures support various middleware such as Autosar and ROS via standardized interfaces.


This is the pivotal tool for the qualification of your software in accordance with ISO 26262. It bundles all safety-relevant aspects into a tool. This allows you to check and prove – also with documents – that your software does not have a negative impact on your system when errors occur.


This software creates virtual control units for you automatically, which allows you to simulate your overall system early on. A highly efficient way of validating your software.

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