Data-Driven Development for ADAS and AD

AVL as a pioneer of data-driven ADAS and AD development

With our expertise in measurement systems combined with development services, we offer a comprehensive service range resulting in minimal effort for our customers.

Data-driven Development

Data is the new technological gold – and AVL’s approach to data-driven development enables you to exploit the full potential of collected data. With our expertise in measurement systems combined with development services, we offer a comprehensive service range resulting in minimal effort for our customers. AVL’s flexible project approach adapts to customer needs in terms of scope and service packages.

AVL equips your team with the necessary tools and skills to enable you to develop, test, and validate ADAS/AD systems in a standardized, scalable environment. By using our reference system, we have already tested the capability and performance of installed Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with regard to state-of-the-art performance in the market environment for many customers.

Our Data-as-a-service (DaaS) business model covers all required development activities from conception, implementation, and evaluation, to drafting recommended actions for subsequent projects. Efficient data-driven development ensures that you remain an important step ahead of your competitors.

The challenge in developing ADAS and AD systems is the large number of potential and undiscovered driving situations, as well as testing the system in every plausible situation.

Challenge in Development

Including Rare Scenarios and Incorporating Them in a Reproducible Environment

When unusual scenarios occur, it is crucial to detect them, measure them completely, and make the measurement data available in various development and test environments. This enables reproducible tests to be conducted until target values are achieved. 

Data Handling

Sensors from the VUT (Vehicle under test) as well as from the reference system generate large volumes of measurement data (terabytes per hour). Secure, transparent storage is essential.

Quality Assurance of Data 

Quality assurance is of vital importance in avoiding costly repetitions of tests. We have certain methods to identify failures in recorded data early in the process avoiding necessary re-runs.

Truck with DGT

First of all, we specify the measurement system for the reference , install the measuring equipment in the vehicles, and plan the optimum test route. In doing so, we incorporate your specific points of interest (for example, 10 tunnel entrances, 3 construction sites, 20 traffic signs) in the shortest possible distance to save costs. Depending on the data already captured on schedule, this test route is updated daily and modified in line with altered road and weather conditions.

Tagging is carried out during the journey, with the driver storing predefined conditions such as weather or tunnel entrances in the AVL digital logbook (online tagging). The AVL Auto-Tagger also recognizes predetermined driving scenarios in the data stream and supplements the digital logbook procedure. This enables downstream testing of certain scenarios.

For usage of the data in a virtual environment, the OSI-to-Open-X converter generates Digital Twins of the scenarios. 
By doing so, the system to be checked is subjected to as many realistic scenarios as possible in a reproducible test environment, to ensure it works properly in all defined conditions.

Our reference measurement system can also be used to collect data to train your AI models of the perception software stack. 

A Single Source

AVL offers all the necessary tools and technical services for executing a comprehensive data collection drive, including data analysis and virtualization. Of course, we are flexible and used to integrating other providers’ tools into our offering to adapt to our customers’ requirements. 

Holistic Solution

We adapt our services to your individual requirements and provide either raw or formatted data. On request we offer - along with our engineering services - an end-to-end solution. 

Flexible Business Model

We are also flexible when it comes to our business model. To guarantee our customers maximum security and transparency, we also offer the Data-as-a-Service business model, meaning a fixed price per km driven. 

Global Tech Network

AVL is at home all over the world. This means we can service your vehicles on site, take on data sets and hard drives, and carry out data campaigns for you globally using our vast network.

Our product portfolio comprises all necessary development activities – from start to finish:

Campaign Planning and Management

  • Definition of data collection drive 
  • Definition and tracking of points of interest (POI)
  • Specification of data collection requirements
  • Route planning (initial)

Vehicle Instrumentation and Management

  • Configuration, assembly, and commissioning of the measurement system
  • Organization of driving permits at destinations
  • Shipping and preparation of vehicles

Campaign Implementation 

  • Operational execution of data collection campaign
  • Data logistics

Data Management, Analysis, and Processing

  • Data processing such as data cleaning, data synchronization, identifying faulty data and removal of unusable data, checking data integrity
  • Data enrichment through manual and automatic tagging
  • Transfer of data to data center with subsequent data ingest
  • Road to simulation conversion of data

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) – The Complete Package 

For a fixed price/km, we offer the following: 

  • Define objectives and KPIs for the f the measurement campaign– specification of your system 
  • Identify the best route for the quickest, most cost-effective achievement of KPIs 
  • Install the equipment in the vehicle and commission the systems
  • Carry out the measurement campaign
  • Collect the data and forward them to the data center
  • When the data is available: Support with conversion to Digital Twins 

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